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Messages - FireIceJet

Well, COD isn't going away anytime soon... :( Really wonder how long are they going to milk the franchise... -_-
10 years ago
I thought it was interesting, but I'm not buying into the hype. COD does that pretty well but I'm going to wait to see how the game is two months from now.

Yeah, good idea there!  ;)
10 years ago
As mentioned above. :)
10 years ago
It's pretty cool to use, though I am horrible at trying to think up of something to create for a level.

This is the area I made from following the level design tutorial on their YouTube channel:

I haven't bothered yet trying to learn how the animations work though, however it seemed relatively easy to import custom models (open any .fbx file and done).

Damn, imagine if this engine is used for making custom zombies instead!  :rainbow: Pretty fine work you did there too! :D Would love to see more images like these made by other mappers  :P
10 years ago
i havent found out how to get it yet, so i still to cryengine untill i find it :)

Well, from what I know, Unreal engine 4 costs $19 per month while UDK is free. This is readily available on
10 years ago
As the title says,  I am curious as to whether any of you guys/mappers have tried using Unreal engine 4 or the Unreal Development Kit (UDK)?  :P
10 years ago
Why not use UGX Easy-FX instead:
10 years ago
Then I am not really sure how to do it then :( I guess you could try asking Treminaor for some help with this.
10 years ago

All credits goes to SajeOne.
10 years ago
Just go to the root folder and search the entire folder for it by going to the top right corner. There should be a search bar there and just type in 'viewmodel_beretta' and see if any file pops up.
10 years ago
Alright, I will write down all the necessary steps here for you:

Code Snippet
1) Get an image that you like.

2) Open it in Photoshop/Gimp/Paint. I personally recommend using Photoshop and change the pic size to a power of 2 (Ex. 1024x1024, 512x512, etc.)

3) Save the image as a DDS/TGA in root/raw/images. Works either way. Just use TGA for your case and just leave the TGA settings as it is.

4) Open up Asset Manager and follow the settings that are on the image that I showed you. (You must remember what you named it)

5) Convert it by pressing F10 and it should say 'Conversion Done.'

6) Copy the converted file in root/raw/images and paste it in your root/mods/YOURMODNAME/images folder.

7) For the material to work on the gun, you go into root/raw/xmodel and find the viewmodel of your gun. Since you are using the Beretta, find viewmodel_beretta. Make a copy of that file and rename it something like viewmodel_beretta_new_tex. Open the file with Notepad++(Download it if you don't have it) and find 'mtl_weapon_beretta'. Replace that with what you named your material in Step 4.

8) Find your beretta file in root/mods/YOURMODNAME/weapons/sp, which supposedly should be named beretta. Make a copy of this as well and rename it beretta_new_tex(The reason for this is to keep the original beretta gun instead of replacing it). Open it up with Notepad++ and find 'viewmodel_beretta'. Replace that with what you named your viewmodel file in root/raw/xmodel. Save/close.

9) Assuming that you ported this gun over from COD 4, insert this line 'weapon,sp\beretta_new_tex' in your mod.csv(It is the box beside the IWD list in Mod Builder) Remember to include this weapon in _zombiemods_weapons and dlc3_code(Copy this from the raw/maps folder and paste it in YOURMODNAME/maps folder if you haven't already)

9) Check the image in the IWD List in Mod Builder. Compile and Build Mod.

Alright, this should be able to work. This is pretty much what I did for it to work in-game. Try it and reply again if you encounter any other errors/bugs.
10 years ago
Just try again. I had that black texture error, but I figured it out how to do it thanks to Sajeone. You can PM me if you encounter any more bugs/error. I will try my best to help. :)
10 years ago
Did you follow all of the settings on the pic that I have shown? It should be 'model phong', or else it will not work.
10 years ago
Here it is:

And remember to enable this as well:

This is how my pistol looks in-game BTW:

Hope it works for you too! :D
10 years ago
Does the texture move?

Yeap, it is working without a problem now! ;D
10 years ago
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