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Topics - FireIceJet

As mentioned above. :)
10 years ago
As the title says,  I am curious as to whether any of you guys/mappers have tried using Unreal engine 4 or the Unreal Development Kit (UDK)?  :P
10 years ago
Like the title said, how do you achieve that? I seen some maps with that, but not really sure how to do it...
10 years ago
As the title says, I am trying to figure out how to activate two zones with just one trigger. I tried script_flag enter_zone1 enter_zone2 but it still doesn't work. A kvp can't have similar values too, so how am I able to go about doing this? All help is appreciated.
10 years ago
This will be a remake of the Death Room map from the Free-to-Play Multiplayer game, Combat Arms. There isn't really any story involved, it's just a remake of that map into a zombies version. It is a very small and symmetrical map.

Download Link:

- Solo Black Ops style quick revive (if that even matters to you)
- No Dogs
- 4 Original Perks from WaW with PaP
- Buyable Ending
- All zombies are risers
- Custom Menu screens
- All COD 4 Guns except M14, USP and Launchers (All PAP-able!  :D)
- Removed all WaW weapons except Ray Gun, Monkey Bombs, Molotovs and Wunderwaffe
- Increased no. of risers and they will either be runners or sprinters

Screenshots from the actual map in Combat Arms:

Screenshots from my Zombies Map:

Hope you guys enjoy this Custom Zombies map!  :)
10 years ago
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