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Damn, I can't believe I forgot to do that step. Thanks a lot, Sajeone! +1 Respect :D
1978 days ago
Okay, I have just put a custom texture on a pistol. However, it appears completely black in game for some reason. I chose scrolling texture in Asset Manager and I also used TomXmodelUtils to check the texture of the gun and it looks fine. It's just that it shows up black in-game. Is it because of some mistake in Asset Manager or...? :(
1978 days ago
Did you ever get the moving textures to move on weapons? because i couldnt get it to work  :'(

Did you manage to get the texture to work in-game? If so, mind showing us a screenshot of it?
1978 days ago
If my answer has sufficiently answered your question, please choose it as the Best Answer by clicking the button that looks like this on my post:

Glad my answer was helpful :)

Done!  :D :D :D
1978 days ago
If you want to have a custom scrolling texture, you need to use either the "Texture Scroll" checkbox or the sub layer scroll checkbox, depending on what type of material you are making:

(Image removed from quote.)
Texture Scroll will literally just scroll the texture sideways and has no configurable options.

(Image removed from quote.)
Sub Layer Scroll will do the same as Texture scroll but allows you to specify what direction and how fast you want the scrolling to occur (uScroll is up speed, vScroll is sideways speed. Set 0 on one of the two to just have the texture scroll horizontally or vertically, or set numbers for both to have a diagonal scroll. You can also select a "sub layer" texture file which will appear underneath the texture that is scrolling. The multiply texture needs to have an alpha channel in order for the base layer to be seen, and only the multiply texture will move when sub-layer scroll is enabled.

I do not know what happens when you enable both Texture Scroll and Sub-layer scrolling, would be fun to find out.

Alright, thanks a lot Treminaor for the helpful info!  ;D
1978 days ago
Like the title said, how do you achieve that? I seen some maps with that, but not really sure how to do it...
1978 days ago
dont suppose you'll add more than the bog standard 4 perks?

With this map size,  no...
2026 days ago
Alright, I will fix it ASAP.

Post Merge: May 23, 2014, 05:08:37 am
So... you scripted the typewriter intro and the buyable end game? damn your a pro.  :lol:

Buyable debris costs way too much. I couldn't even get out of the second areas before being cornered by zombies.

Do it. xD

I try not to mention any ZM stuff on this site, and vice versa. Credits will be given where it's due. Tom-Bmx for Buyable ending and YaPh1l for Typewriter into text.

Post Merge: May 23, 2014, 06:13:28 am
You have incorrect zones, zombies spawn up here after opening to the second room which causes the round not to end:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Fixed it. I have also lowered the cost of debris.
2027 days ago
Post pictures of the actual map, not what your inspiration looked like. Most are not going to read that note and will download assuming they are getting the same product shown in the images. It is a requirement to have at least one image or video of the actual map on the topic. If this requirement is not met in a timely fashion the topic will be deleted.

Released maps must be packaged with the UGX Installation Creator. I have removed the download link until you update it with a proper installation. If the link is not updated in a timely fashion, as above the topic will be deleted.

Alright, I have changed the download link and added pics. Is this okay now?
2027 days ago
Thank you very much, treminaor. It's working perfectly now! :D
2027 days ago
In your dlc3 zone setup (in mapname.gsc), use the same flag name for both zones.

So is it something like this?:

        add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone", "zone1", "enter_zone1" );
   add_adjacent_zone( "zone1", "zone2", "enter_zone1" );
2027 days ago
As the title says, I am trying to figure out how to activate two zones with just one trigger. I tried script_flag enter_zone1 enter_zone2 but it still doesn't work. A kvp can't have similar values too, so how am I able to go about doing this? All help is appreciated.
2027 days ago
This will be a remake of the Death Room map from the Free-to-Play Multiplayer game, Combat Arms. There isn't really any story involved, it's just a remake of that map into a zombies version. It is a very small and symmetrical map.

Download Link:

- Solo Black Ops style quick revive (if that even matters to you)
- No Dogs
- 4 Original Perks from WaW with PaP
- Buyable Ending
- All zombies are risers
- Custom Menu screens
- All COD 4 Guns except M14, USP and Launchers (All PAP-able!  :D)
- Removed all WaW weapons except Ray Gun, Monkey Bombs, Molotovs and Wunderwaffe
- Increased no. of risers and they will either be runners or sprinters

Screenshots from the actual map in Combat Arms:

Screenshots from my Zombies Map:

Hope you guys enjoy this Custom Zombies map!  :)
2027 days ago
A search bar would be nice. And also, do any of you guys know how to fix the 'Exceeded 1600 'loaded sound' assets error'? I already # out quite a few sounds from the weapons.csv and nazi_zombie_factory.csv but it still doesn't work... :(
2033 days ago


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