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Messages - chill_AX2

so shitty no one will use it :trol:
12 days ago
pretend it is donnie, i will delete it after i release the map anyways
2 weeks ago
Map Inspired By Ascension, 6 months in ease development

At First it Feels like Ascension then takes a different turn...

Coming Soon!

2 weeks ago
Man this aint world at war anymore lmao, so much modding
1 month ago
nice seen people modding waw
2 months ago
edit: its not that sexy tho
when i put
Code Snippet
level thread level_Start_vox
inside main() function then
Code Snippet
    wait( 5 );
    players = get_players();
    for( i = 0; i < players.size; i++ )
        players[i].has_talked = 0;
            zombies = getaiarray("axis" );
            close_zombies = get_array_of_closest( players[i].origin, zombies, undefined, undefined, 600 );
            for( j = 0; j < zombies.size; j++ )
                if ( (players[i] IsLookingAt(zombies[j]) || close_zombies.size > 0 || players[i].score_total > 500) && players[i].has_talked == 0 )
                    players[i].has_talked = 1;
                    index = maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( players[i] );
                    plr = "plr_" + index + "_";
                    players[i] thread create_and_play_dialog( plr, "vox_level_start", 0.25 );
            if(players[i].has_talked == 1)

at the bottom of the .gsc it gave me an error saying "level_start_vox" is already defined in dlc3_code
and yeah it was i checked on it, then i removed the "level_start_vox" from main()
still same error
then i removed it from your code i put at the bottom
i got bad syntax error lmfao
unless i didnt understand what u mean or ur wrong with the code, i hope u reach out to fix it or fix my mistake
anyways danke
3 months ago
Nah my guy flax became zesty w dat pfp, also nice tut
6 months ago
10/10 would play again
6 months ago
This map makes me wanna kam
8 months ago
fg42 was doing no damage when i picked it out of the box not sure if there are any others havent ran into any yet. dope map tho
Fg42 is made for pointa farming  
8 months ago
Sexy map ngl
9 months ago
what? is that a teaser to map or smth??
10 months ago
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