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Messages - theIJPmexican

hey brother I feel like the zombies spawn in a little too slow once you hit the higher rounds. mid 20s dont feel like mid 20s spawn rate. (At least on Der Riese)
2 years ago
Hey man this mod is pretty cool I like the hats you have the zombies, nice touch.
Also if you do shino could you had more the 24 zombies a round my guy? that shit would be bussin'
2 years ago
get the stock scripts from the game files extract ff's. this mod will still give you the vanilla experience though, like over half of the stuff I'm doing here are just bug fixes/visual changes. only 2 new guns on der riese and quick revive tweaked which change gameplay. waffe glitch fixed is so nice tho
I apreciate the response brother, unfornunatly I have the intelect of a toddler when it comes to modding and what not, and have no idea how to do the thing you told me to do. Im assuming the ff I need is the one called "nazi_zombie_factory" but again I remind you that I am essentially a toddler and have no idea how to do the thing.
2 years ago
how do you mod the stock maps? I wanted to make a der riese mod that just fixed the waffe glitch but I don't know how to mod the stock maps.
3 years ago
do you have the specular map turned on in your graphics settings?
3 years ago
pretty sure it's nothing important
3 years ago
I wanted to make a simple Der Riese mod where I just change a few things, but I don't know how. I look up how to do so and I found and old post that said I need to use "mod.ff and IWD" It also said "Copy the factory GSC from root/maps or by decompiling the fast file(FF)." I got the Factory GSC but I don't know what to do with it exactly.
3 years ago
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