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For help and voice chat you should join the Discord server :) Way more populated than chat!
1206 days ago
You should definitely make this map some more interesting with some more custom stuff, i know this is your first map but this is really really basic.
1293 days ago
welcome flow!
1386 days ago
this looks amazing, i just dont know about the entire map open from start. It adds another level of exploring and excitement if you need to open stuff. but thats my opinion :)
1396 days ago
damn bro, looks awesome!
1398 days ago
looks pretty cool
1405 days ago
I'm not sure bro, sorry!
1409 days ago
And how are we supposed to help you with this?
1410 days ago
I had this so many times but i've never seen to find a solution for it. Just keep trying helped alot of times for me. And if one of you guys is using a pirated version that could be the cause of it as well.
1410 days ago
well dodgie, there's your reason ;D
1411 days ago
Man.. Good luck in your future!
1412 days ago
Oh man... you're really starting this? :kidding:
1414 days ago
I would vote for the topics to be remain unlocked. New player might try good old maps and want to provide criticism.

Is it possible to lift the rules?


You could provide criticism, but why would you if the maps are probably abandoned and will not be updated?
1414 days ago
chat's still dead :lol:

yea everyone should come back
1415 days ago


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