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ay, its the amazing map ive been helping test for a while, man its been fun seeing the new additions to it, cant wait to help out more with it
226 days ago
honestly, for jumping in blindly, its a good map, its open but also has some tight areas, its easy (but not too easy) to train zombies where pack-a-punch is (and the starting area), and was quite fun to play.

my failed first attempt at the map
228 days ago
ay, its up, awesome work on the map dude
237 days ago
honestly, at the start of playing this map, its awesome, its true to the "one window" and doesnt have ground spawners anywhere in the map, and the way you go through it too is awesome, and the types of waves too, puts a spin on the one window thing, amazing work man :ok_hand:
276 days ago


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