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Messages - Minepro14

I don't think so, because i have reinstall windows, and before the reinstall all works fine, but these are my specs

Win 10 Pro version 1607
Nvidia 960M 2GB
1 TB hard drive
intel i7 6700HQ 2.6 GHz to 3.2
7 years ago
when i try to build the light, with the lightning bolt, radiant crashes, also crashes when i try to build it from the launcher.
Why this happen to me??
7 years ago
Changed ANY scripts whatsoever that relate to power?

nope, i hope so, because i dont know anything about scripting, i only have scripts that people post here.
8 years ago
can a fx be scriptable?

there is a very nice fx that i would use as a door. my question is if can i put the kvp in a fx?
8 years ago
What issue are you having? The minigun is already made in APE so you just have to edit it there.

where? i have created a new image and like perks i have added

8 years ago
the minigun powerup shader dont work for me :(
8 years ago
i added the razorback in zombies and the fire sounds arent working, any help to make them work??

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8 years ago
Works great, Can you put that when you die the weapon be the start weapon?

//playing coop

level.default_laststandpistol = GetWeapon("your weapon");

//playing solo

level.default_solo_laststandpistol = GetWeapon("your weapon");
8 years ago
Did you give them to yourself through console? if so, that's the reason they don't work.

no, from the box
8 years ago
how can i fix the monkey bomb and de octobomb to work, because i press the button to throw them and nothing happens
8 years ago
so when i turn the power on the game freezes and then says "connection interupted".
this only happens with 1 map, i have created other map and power works fine. Any help?
 :poker: :poker: :poker:
8 years ago
now its says me "Not Available"
8 years ago
You won't be able to do anything special inside radiant. The way all triggers work is they are included inside scripts.

Here is an example:
Code Snippet
function init() // Initialization variable, call this in your mapname.gsc to start the script.
// Do whatever you would need to do here, not required for this.
thread GetTrigger(); // Calls the function while threading it so multiple functions can be executed at the same time.

function GetTrigger() // Function where all code for what you are currently doing is called.
trigger = GetEnt("triggertargetname", "targetname") // Replace "triggertargetname" with whatever you put in the targetname kvp in radiant.

// You would want a while loop here if you want the trigger to be able to be activated more than once.

trigger waittill("trigger", player); // Waits for the trigger to be activated, player isn't needed but is useful.
ModVar("timescale", 0.5); // Sets the timescale to 0.5

i get this error

Code Snippet
^1 trigger waittill
^1ERR(0) scripts/zm/zm_les_planes.gsc (339,17) in "gettrigger()" : syntax error, unexpected TOKEN_WAITTILL, expecting TOKEN_LEFT_PAREN : trigger waittill
8 years ago
sorry, i didnt know

but i dont want to remove it, i awnt to change it to one that i did
8 years ago
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