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Messages - Clippy95

This was just a reupload of this map with edits that he saw fit, surely can't wait for the next map he edits
10 months ago
needs a buyable ending where is it?
11 months ago
Thanks for bothering. Did you use any external programs like Cheat Engine (or anything else) to unlock your desired commands? Only knowledge I got is from watching this Tut: I'm a noob trying to understand what I'll be looking for.
I used ollydbg, x86dbg could work as well, you can add me on discord same name on the forums/ tag me in UGX's discord
1 year ago
A bit of a necropost, but I've unlocked extra commands in a T4M fork by JB
you can check the recent commits to see how I did it
1 year ago
I got a double points in-game and the powerup shader for it didn't show up
3 years ago
Why not just use perk_weapRateEnhanced dvar for Double Tap 2.0?
3 years ago
Hi when I try to play cotd and world at war maps on solo and coop it doesnt work. Will there also be any future patches?
No future patches, devs lost source files for this
3 years ago
Awesome map, I love how you turned a WaW MP map into a Zombies map like Treyarch did with the classics, makes it feel like an official map. It's also just the right amount of difficulty. Not too hard, but not boringly easy, which I appreciate. Custom models and icons are also a really nice touch, I enjoyed exploring the map. 10/10
BTW, what's the name of the EE song?
It's Wish You Well by Tremonti

4 years ago
every time i make it past round 50 or even close i get this crash, also i got this weird in game error today pls help(Image removed from quote.)(Image removed from quote.)
 The first one is from either Electric Cherry or Widows, just don't use them for HR ( they crash the game in other games too :p 

Second one i have seen before, it's just a bug that happens when zombies become too fast in the spawn room :)
5 years ago
I downloaded this map and played. But when I got the red mortar, the dogs came out all the time and I didn't know where to put that bullet, and I went through the whole map with that bullet, but I couldn't find anything. If there is an end to this map, can you share the steps with us? I've played almost five times, and I just can't figure out where to take that red bullet. If you share this game's easter egg's (at least steps) I would appreciate it. Thank youO0
5 years ago
Right click on the game in steam, click properties then language, and change it to English.
5 years ago
For some reason it is unable for me to use my pad for the BO1 Mod selection.

Would be really useful if you guys could help me with this.
 What's the controller? if it's PS3/PS4 you need a tool to emulate 360 controller ( xinput i think )
5 years ago
 it's setlled, I'm already helping him and we porting weapons together >:D
5 years ago
The VR-11 but better gun crashes the game...but only the electric varient crashes the game. The infinite laser is fine.
 He fixed it, but stll haven't uploaded the patch for that.
5 years ago
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