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I konw, but there are so many bugs in the tools that users can hardly make zombie maps.
I tried to put some files of COD5 Mod Tools into COD7 Mod Tools, but the effect was not very good...
 That's how it is, you have to do everything by yourself.
1 day ago
Can you publish your tools for making maps? There are many bugs in the resources I find online.
And how did you put the model of COD13 on the zombie map of COD7?

 The tools are from steam
Radiant is from Linkermod
2 days ago
Excuse me, is "Albtraume" your product?
(Image removed from quote.)
 It's not, it's made by Gunoftruth
29 days ago
Can someone tell me if this can be done solo? Also can we use mod menus on Project Thor?
 Mod menus no.
Solo yes.
33 days ago
Yo I've been hearing around town that there's a...... how'd you say it..... UPDATE?! Yeah, that sounds right, and Update goin around.

I happen to be talkin bout the Perish 1.1.2 Update, one of my pals said they heard about it or whatever. Anyone got any details or news?
Good news: Launcher is finally fixed, now it properly again installs Game_Mod for easier time installing and playing the map.
Bad news: BO1 servers are dead atm (unless they are already fixed), so only way to play currently is solo and it is through opening console and doing console command "map zombie_perish" Hopefully the issue gets fixed.
That is all, as I've said almost a year ago, there are no more updates to the map
 as I've said almost a year ago, there are no more updates to the map
46 days ago
Is there a way to make the fps go higher than 91 while using t4m or do you have to go to the game configuration and mess around with it?
 /com_maxfps 144
replace 144 with any fps you'd like 0 is unlimited 
47 days ago
I know you're not making maps, and most likely won't update this but co-op is bugged, playing as host works fine, but the other player can't see the host, and part of the host head is inside the other player..
89 days ago
How do you get the staffs? are they in the box, i saw them in the trailer if i recall
100 days ago
Amazing mod, but, I think the spawns are a bit too much, and should be re-worked :ok_hand:
118 days ago


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