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looks really good cant wait for the release
1446 days ago
so 1st game i noticed i get around 1 drop every 2-3 rounds is there a reason for that
1450 days ago
so i noticed a bug if you shoot scavenger all the zombies get stuck outside the 3 window spawns other than that a awsome box map
1456 days ago
at last i can finally play this great looking map thanks 4 sharing
1701 days ago
looks great will give it a go
1742 days ago
I love the look of this
1867 days ago
my mistake i tried again and it works fine
2126 days ago
the download link doesnt work for me is there an alternative link?
2126 days ago
im gonna play this soon i will let you know my thoughts but looks awesome
2164 days ago
beat the map on round 7 solo with no jug how do i upload the photo
2165 days ago
any proof?
as chromastone was in my stream i don't need any proof
2166 days ago
beat the map in 10 rounds good map
2166 days ago
omg this map i love it.....thanks for sharing  :)
2168 days ago
love this map best map i have played in a many parts are there for the buyable ending and any hints to were the tombstone perk is. thanks for sharing this epic map :)
2179 days ago
i love this map i hope you make more maps keep up the amazing work
2197 days ago


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