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hi! what a mission that you talking?
this is a SP-map?
What a map? write me, description for this a mission map, please?
1015 days ago
  Thanks codmoddd1234 for help with moment
  in other topic but connect with this topic:,14595.0.html

1018 days ago
any don't know how this make?  ???
1018 days ago
nu ok. spasiba. zavtra trying eto
vsmisle, ia tak ponial, nado chto bi posicii luni bili kak posicii v map file  u worldspawn setting. pravilno?
1023 days ago
O da.... Sun Fail, Ya takim sposobom solntse dobavlyal na svoyu kartu.
P.S  Privet
   ville88, zdorovo!
   I ti znaesh kak korrektno dobavit lunu na kartu? chto bi tochno luna bela a ne eta mutoten'
1023 days ago
  think it was you who didnt understand
  I said "the smallest grid available is 0.25 NOT 1.0" 

  this I seen.  :)
  but gtk radiant is other application.
  and keyboard layout is other.
  i can't control an object in 3D window.
  probably, gtk radiant has other keyboard layout.  ::)

1024 days ago
Harry Bo21 hi!
you don't understood me  )

i need that Radiant has grid to 0,25 value not for number only ))
Snap to grid when off will not help in this.

it's need for a details of Patches in edit moment.
i need that radiant can edit rounding is quality better..
but this i can to make only if a grid is 0,25 real  )

Double Post Merge: February 17, 2017, 02:46:03 pm
3dsmax has a .map exporter script that works and a cod mapping toolset but neither can export patches and both usually need to be fixed in radiant.

Check here
You could try other gtk radiant versions but some handle patches, textures and curves different.

hi codmoddd1234!!

what an exporter script for 3dsmax has a .map ?
early, I tried find like a plugins for 3dMax but i don't found such script )

 and more,
 today i download and setup gtk radiant different versions:
 1.2, 1.5. 1.64.  But this Radiants need a games)
 But i need make a prefabs for CoDWaW only.

 but gtk radiant hasn't game base for  CoDWaW :(
or i don't found.
 and keyboard layout setting in gtk radiant is very other.
 i tried make very very easy modify a brush.. very simple..
 but i couldn't working.. )
1025 days ago
     hi everybody!
     today I made a samovar (as a russian big teapot),
     Which is often can see in a russian homes of villages in a kitchen.
    (made by GMax old easy 3DMax)


    How quick and easy importing in CoDWaWRadiant, and which settings need for import in the Radiant?
    need a some easy method
1026 days ago
    after this fix, now this look such:


   skybox model used: skybox_fly

   My sun file:

   r_sunsprite_shader "sun_moon"
   r_sunsprite_size "16"
   r_sunflare_shader "sun_moon_flare"
   r_sunflare_min_size "0"
   r_sunflare_min_angle "45"
   r_sunflare_max_size "700"
   r_sunflare_max_angle "2"
   r_sunflare_max_alpha ".35"
   r_sunflare_fadein "0"
   r_sunflare_fadeout "0"
   r_sunblind_min_angle "30"
   r_sunblind_max_angle "5"
   r_sunblind_max_darken "0"
   r_sunblind_fadein "2.5"
   r_sunblind_fadeout "6"
   r_sunglare_min_angle "30"
   r_sunglare_max_angle "5"
   r_sunglare_max_lighten "0"
   r_sunglare_fadein "2.5"
   r_sunglare_fadeout "6"
   r_sun_fx_position "-150 -50 0"

  my csv mod:

  // fxs
  // moon_set_visions

   and yes, sun folder put in mod as
1026 days ago
hi Codmoddd1234!

ok, i will try gtk radiant and write how this able to do a prefab.  thank!
about other textures for me is do not important , mainly important that i can make prafabs  with grid lower over 1 grid, because CoD2Radiant (but i tried using CoD2Radiant to make a prefabs CoDWaW) minimal = 1 only.
it's very bad and very low for Call of Duty 5 mapping.
1026 days ago
     Prompt, in what can be cause of the fact that moon looks 
     a barely noticeable spot lighting in sky, but not the moon.
     Smoke or fog , I don't used. 
1027 days ago
 ok.  :)
 usually, i setting scale for a trees from 0.7 to 1.0   ::)
1027 days ago

i tryed)
but then a trees model is not normal lighting)
its lighting more then need.

and how i wrote above this settings  which i used but it's not helped me )

Double Post Merge: February 14, 2017, 06:36:54 pm
just - rh1 sky is very beautiful )

Double Post Merge: February 14, 2017, 06:41:59 pm

 this is i tryed with cool skymodel -rh1,14784.0.html
1028 days ago
  Hi!   :)

  Anybody knows, how create a portable - version for CoDWaW Radiant?  :)
  The essence this, some time, it need that CoDWaW Radiant loading from flash card.
  without  all texture and without all xmodels.
  To be able to make prefabs in CoDWaW Radiant for example in during lunch time at work
  and make quick prefabs billet for further work at home.
  Because, if need very more prefabs for a map, it's take very very more time. its bad :(

  setup full the CoDWaW and CoDWaW radiant all patches - not best method in work time :).
  i think you   understanding this moment ))
  at work it is impossible to do. but to me, to run from the flash drive is quite possible.

 How can we adapted the CoDWaWRadiant that it work with (only):
  - With a single texture caulk,
  - Worked all settings (for make a any prefab)
  - not need using and work with xmodels and all textures except caulk texture.

  a logic seeing that this able do or not?   ::)
  what any think about it?


Double Post Merge: February 14, 2017, 06:46:26 pm
For example, take more time :)


Double Post Merge: February 14, 2017, 06:54:27 pm

 Or! Or may be Any know, How can setting CoD2Radinat for quick prefabs for CoDWaW.
 How can setting grid in low to 0,25 grid in CoD2Radintm, but now its = 1 only   :-\

  above this prefabs source i make in CoD2Radiant for CoDWaW but if this prefabs is big only then good  ::)
1028 days ago
HI!  :)

i know this site but this site hasn't setting for skybox_rhi1

but i need evening map  and this sky is better for such idea )

where is all standard setting sky boxs. usual, can find a parts setting,
what reason all setting don't finding? anybody know?  ???
1028 days ago


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