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I absolutely ADORE this map, even it is the size of the grand canyon... lol

Really glitchy but I can look past the glitches because I love playing the map with different perk loadouts and such.

Mule kick is a waste, buy your way to the Kiparis and keep spinning the box and your pretty much set on this map.

I rate 7/10 only because of the glitchiness of the map, other than that I love playing it! Great job!  :)
1803 days ago

very fun map
1950 days ago

Fantastic map!

Poked around for a bit just now but not in any shape to figure out any easter eggs and such.

MOST DEFINITELY will be splurging on this map tomorrow, gorgeous attention to detail and the super fast zeds are a welcome spike in difficulty compared to the maps I've been playing.

Well done guys!!!
1958 days ago
This map is a ton of fun, can't wait to get some more time to play it!  :)
1974 days ago
Awesome map. The electric cherry price is such a troll. Speed or cherry.... hmmm....
1985 days ago
Just spent some time on this map, fantastic job on it!

(I got trolled by the R700, like a noob)

2005 days ago
Incredibly enjoyable map, amazing work! :)
2033 days ago
Very addicting map, the challenge keeps me coming back for more! ^_^
2046 days ago
Very fun map.  I love the simple nature of it.  :)
2047 days ago
This map is freakin' sweet. You got some talent, dude!
2220 days ago


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