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Messages - simpelsat

I don't know if its only me, but when I play this map the map is glitchy. Everything is stretching and pretty much unplayable. I updated to T4M but doesn't seem like its doing anything.

this will probebly help you

7 years ago
best map ever! only problem i have is no one to play with :'(
also the first map that i had to lower grapics from extra to high. making it even better  :lol:
7 years ago
what can I do if a mod has multiple .iwd files?
7 years ago
can you maybe add a fediafire link for the mod?
(as MEGA crashes for me on the end)
7 years ago
try putting it in the mod's folder in a video subfolder, i.e. Samantha's Vengeance\video
if that doesn't work, you'll have to override files.
I tried it but it still means we need to replace gamefiles :(
but yeah mabey this is something what we can further test to find a way to have it still included LOL(as I having a way not to replace gamefiles  but I think there is no other way)
7 years ago
Project Thor was re-packaged to support game_mod natively, just follow the readme and you should be perfectly fine.

Samantha's Vengeance is still a legacy mod--so you can install this by tinkering a bit.

go into your mods folder, and create a new folder with the mod name, a la "Samantha's Vengeance".
after that, open the Zone and Main folders inside of the rar, and drag both of them into the new Samantha's Vengeance folder. rename the file "zombie_moon_patch.ff" to "mod.ff", and rename "iw_42.iwd" to "mod.iwd" [not necessary, but just to be safe, right?]

after that, your legacy mod should now be a selection option on the game_mod "Mods" menu.
just tested it and it works THANKS FOR TELLING!
aslo is there a way to make the .bik files work in the mod folder?
7 years ago
any plans on repacking it to support 'game_mod'?
7 years ago
Funny enough I haven't got a g_spawn on this map even on higher time with all perks. :P
do you use the t4m at the same time or not?
7 years ago
just played version 1.2 (because I'm doing it solo) and when I just have a good round, guess what every time I get a G spawn error >:(. what basically makes the game impossible to beat
7 years ago
do you still remember the people in beta?
7 years ago
I loved the map and the music to be honest, probably me favourite map of 2016.
is there any links you can sent from the music?
8 years ago
Thx been better lately but its been hard. But hey that's what shooting zombies is for lol
always look on the bright side of life :)
8 years ago
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