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Nice looking map, Shame it's on UGX V1 though
1157 days ago
Mate this looks like the halloween map that Laggin and it's creator played that one time
1505 days ago
The draw distance is absolutely terrible but that might be the fact that I had to go on high settings because the textures was elasticated
1508 days ago
I got the thunder hands and upgraded them is there anything else that they are used for? Also what is up with the kids behind one of the blocked doors? kind of sadistic

currently stuck on zapping the panels, found 3 of them, not sure what to do next ???
Edit: Just beat it, But apparently the journey has just begun  ;) that 4th green panal was so hard to find tho! Loved the map, loved the easter egg aspect!

Where are the four and buyable, I only found 3 panels in Pap,the house with the painting of Rictofhen, the shower house? (The camper spot in Black ops 1),shocked the one in the jail cell and in the underground labs
1534 days ago
Hey, I get elasticated textures when T4M is installed (Only on certain maps), Can this be fixed? because some maps need it and it is just unnecessary to keep reinstalling it only to play a map
1535 days ago
dead shot + feeds = best game u will ever have

More like Deadshot,Double tap 2.0 and the barret .50 cal
1563 days ago
Managed to get to round 41, Way to easy so I chose to snipe and that didn't make it any easier, The camp spot by Dead shot could easily be fixed by allowing zombies to climb up there
1564 days ago
"Does not reqire T4M"

I love how you thought you should state this in the description

Looking forward to play it
1564 days ago
Images would be nice so we can see if this is some boxxy map that is as imaginative as Wheat grass is flavourful
1577 days ago
I noticed a couple of things

When you stand in Window all zombies loose their pathing. Also allows access to where B site is with out paying for it which is messing with the Zombies as well making them pile up on the crate stack outside window

The dog rounds unless you are near T spawn they will bug out

The gates don't go wall to wall

And finally Middle should really have 3 doors (one by CT spawn, Lower Tunnels and one infront of T spawn) because when I played it if I open CT or Lower Tunnels I can jump the wall into short bypassing the need to open the doors on Mid and A site
1582 days ago
Don't go in fullscreen As for your map Currently downloading I'll get back to you on that
1582 days ago
Try turning off spec maps or lowering your texture resolution before launching the map, or just playing around with your graphical settings until it works. It works fine my end.
Ok I'll do that later
1588 days ago
I keep getting glitched out textures on the MR-6 and any weapon for that matter (As in elasticated) I would get a screenshot but I keep crashing ffs :/
1588 days ago
Just beaten this map in 30 rounds
1592 days ago
I can't play this with friends :( fortunately I'm more of a solo player but the option would be nice
1596 days ago


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