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Welcome :deal_with_it_parrot:
490 days ago
stap making boxmaps y u dare
695 days ago
April 1st joke - topic locked ;)

The map is based on the city where i live, i really love remaking this map that took me like 1 year to make it (lazy bitch), the map is big, but it have very good detail(i think)

MW2/MW3/BO2/BO3 weapons
Harry bo21 Perks v5.0(Banana colada included)
Special round( :troll: )
Changed a few sounds(i hope you like it)
MOTD Wolves/hell retriever
And more stuff


The download link is on my personal page

742 days ago
i did it 2 times because i forgot what i selected in the first one :please:
866 days ago
Stap :please:
951 days ago
I posted this one in the discord, but thanks to Radi i can post it here  :please:

Double Post Merge: September 02, 2018, 12:22:00 am
Another one
954 days ago
Hi i have a stolen car but it wont work when i try drive it with my friends! :please: pls Readthis
:please: :lol:
1011 days ago
i thought this was a meme for the meme section ;D
1113 days ago
PSH FTW! :gusta:
1114 days ago
For some reason the notifications bar isnt working properly, is behind of all...

1192 days ago
Reported papu, say goodbye to your account ;)
1205 days ago
fast as fuc boiiii  :D

looks great!
1217 days ago
This is one tough nut to crack, but after long consideration i believe i finally found those glasses on top of the head.
(Image removed from quote.)
You can thank me later, this method is bulletproof...i use it all the time!
radi  :please:

There is a texture called "clip" use it
1463 days ago
Nice, i dont use it, but nice  :please:
1475 days ago


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