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Can anyone suggest a way to disable hud while playing in BO3?
Back in time we use cg_draw2d 0 in previous games but this no longer works.

When asked JBird told me:
The way around this is to do it in script and calling something like this:
player SetClientUIVisibilityFlag( "hud_visible", 0 );
But make sure its called after the player's hud is displayed or it does nothing.

But I have no idea how to utilize this since I do not have knowledge about scripting.
So could anyone help me with this?  :) Pretty urgent!
1284 days ago
So my map has been running quite well but today when I turn on radiant a error cause it to freeze.

ERROR: Can't find xmodel 'p7_zm_vending_widows_wine' in gdtDB

I have done nothing since my last compile and link
I can open a map without a widows wine set up
I have verified the tool cache

Please help, can't work on my map for now
1320 days ago
So may somebody write an example of how to use a map-exclusive weapon like bloodhond in SOE in another map?
I roughly understand that you have to tell the game that you want it to load to the map too but I don't know how to script it:(
1332 days ago
Current version preview video





Click to view the images if you can't see them.

So I am making this map called 'Xiaozhen', inspired by the fact that BO3 have few maps named in different languages, so i went ahead and name 'The Town' in my native language Chinese, hopefully also port in more Chinese features later too.

I don't have too much experience in mapping, so the version right now took me around 6 days to make, it is basically a bay area as spawn, and some fishing hut and dock area etc. I am still pretty much in the dark right now when it comes to the big picture of the whole map, so I figured I might need the ideas from you guys :) Currently starting to work on a power plant.

Anyway just leave any suggestion and I will appreciate all help.  :)
1338 days ago

So I have finished a prototype map and was trying to get it on steam workshop using the publish function and this popped up.
"Error updating steam workshop item"

What I have done:
1. Map has no error and is playable.
2. I changed the loading and preview image of the map, and changed back to the original which still doesn't help.

Please help :(
1343 days ago


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