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Messages - Darkpoto45

Keep your "work" for you & your friends please...
7 years ago
nothing until september
closed for vacation

they are long your vacation  :P
7 years ago
Yea  ;)
Yes, she's the best ^^ hilarious :D
7 years ago
Hahahaha Nice man! You like the Purple Gat?

What's purple gat? ^^
You mean Blundergat purple?
7 years ago
Lol Thanks man but I meant like any specific things you liked.  :nyan:

All boss except this fucking snake :D
All step of easter egg except red & blue wolf in wall... boring :)
And the famous song by Hasselhoff - True Survivor  ;)
7 years ago
Special Note for everyone:
If you enjoyed my map please comment and let me know what your favorite feature of the map was. (Weapons, Boss, Easter Egg, Character, Music, etc)

Boss, easter egg & music  :)
7 years ago
Could you please give a link to a video completing the map? Because I came really far with a friend once, but we just didn't know what to do when we did the genies. At some point my game crashed before we could figure it out... We couldn't buy the plane for some reason.
Hi, here's my gameplay ►
Hope i can help you ;)
7 years ago
any news? ☺
7 years ago
Here's the one I use, It had god mode, noclip, etc etc.

Stop with your glitch guys ... you need that to finish a map?
Must really be bad to need this.
7 years ago

This is an awesome map ! realy good job.

But, when i try to play on the map with my friend, I have an error message : PATCH_LOADMOD_JOIN

Salut, ce message apparait quand toi et ton pote n'avait pas chargé tous les 2 la même map :D
7 years ago
I usually go for speed runs just my style of play. Like on regular mob if i dont get mk 2 and monkeys first box i restart if im doing a speed run. Sometimes i play normal though
mk2 isn't the best weapon if you wanna make a speedrun on this map ;)
Haymaker is better i think
7 years ago
amazing map. I just want to know can you get the mk 2 out of the first box? i keep restarting and have yet to get it xd

You can have this weapon in the box but why with the 1st box?
7 years ago
I know right? like why don't they like it? One of them said that the spawn room looked 'out of place.' the rest didn't give a reason why...

There is nothing to understand, they are kids who know nothing...
7 years ago
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