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HOLY @#$% I need a napkin
1969 days ago
i run waw through steam, and always had skype running. gonna see what happens with skype closed
2014 days ago

this happens to me no matter what map i play, im lucky if i can play for longer than 15 minutes. any suggestions
2014 days ago
is it to late for beta testing?
2088 days ago
i enjoyed all your maps, i know without a doubt this one will be epic. looking forward to it gamer9294
2092 days ago
of course waw crashes on me at round 22, will try again
2095 days ago
Chroma, can you add a patch to the Boss. Everytime I anger the boss he blurs my vision and makes me walk into a corner and gets my ass torn up. >:(

love how you switched it up from the version i tested for you. As some of you say 1 word sums up this map, WINS!!!
2096 days ago
not gonna lie my original idea was also a mall, so that idea is getting scratched
2100 days ago
awesome of you guys to do this, time to start brainstorming!
2103 days ago
nice downloading now thanks for sharing
2113 days ago
Ya it is amazing, isnt it?
somewhat jealous i want one for myself :'(
2115 days ago
that ripper tho :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
2115 days ago


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