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You do know the easiest way to fix that is to open Radiant, Open a file then go to where you're auto saves are: Call of Duty Black Ops 3/Radiant\autosave_backup. Then sort by date and work you're way down till you get one that loads up and it should be 5 mins before you closed Radiant before compiling. Job done.
1720 days ago
highlight what you want then press V. Job done :)
1758 days ago
Just found this out myself but make sure you have the FPStool brush over all of you're map.

Can be found in textures then tools.

hope this helps you out.
1758 days ago
afew people say they hate the insta kill slowmo. what does everyone else think about it? cause really it helps alot in the later rounds when you are about to get trapped :D
2410 days ago
thanks for this one man. been looking forward to the release of this one :D
2411 days ago
Funny thing,there were some clips around that spot..and i even accidently fell on one,yet i didn't think of putting one on the floor,thanks!  :D

not a problem man. just make sure that you cover the whole area you want and test it cause some players like myself will try and over jump it to see if i can die that way :D haha
2412 days ago
that doesn`t prove anything at all. they are still the same maps. i beat if i looked in the map now at the fails that sparky made i bet there are still there aswell
2412 days ago
you forgot to thank sparkymcsparks for the map source files to begin with as it looks alot like his christmas subway map that he made and released afew years ago
2412 days ago
if you wanted it for a point in the map where the player falls from a great height then on the landing area just put a clip on the floor 0.25 above the ground its self and that will stop you taking damage from that fall and that fall only 
2412 days ago
I found a bug while playing. I tried to throw a monkey bomb while down and it crashes the game...

thats cause you shouldn`t be able to throw a monkey while down so the game just crashes its self
2412 days ago
hope everyone enjoys the update for this one :D
2414 days ago
Does anyone else have any problems with google drive? Seems to take about 20 minutes just to download a map.

Map looks good though, excited to try this one out! Thanks for sharing!

if your having that much of a problem with it then im sure for this last update scotch can put it on mega or mediafire aswell so these that do have trouble with google drive
2414 days ago
really fun map. people will really enjoy this one :D
2415 days ago
Update 1 is out guys, enjoy  :D
2416 days ago
Thanks guys. its not alot but as time goes on it will get better :D
2419 days ago


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