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Turns out the mod can be altered if you know how. for example, I can change somethings in the game such how strong the exoboss is (Make him vulnerable to all wonderweapons,.. etc). As for the appearance of bosses in general, i can decrease their spawn rate, but im not sure if i can completely remove them. I personally wanted to decrease the hell hounds sapalsh damage and alter the exoboss, which i did, so i can share my version of the mod as a proof of concept if anybody is interested. Later on if i get a list of wanted changes i may work on it if enough people want it. of course, this is all with hope that the creator has no porblems with this.
 pretty much any shotgun is easy to kill him. even the wall ones
143 days ago
For some reason it is unable for me to use my pad for the BO1 Mod selection.

Would be really useful if you guys could help me with this.
 just use SCPToolkit

and it might require those VisualC++ updates , just install them all to make sure (2008-2019/20 i think)

the menu doesnt work but in game is all fine, even with mods/custom maps,anything in game
202 days ago
no, its not dead, and no, there wont be any new topic, and yes, im the new guy despite that i dont know much about weapon porting but i did set up gdt and weapon files before though ^-^
 hmmmm, gooooooood. verry goooooooood.
206 days ago
what a nostalgic position for juggernog
281 days ago
lmao, i wanted to reply but i think ur already on my discord server :joy:
 i just found a job that will need like alot of my time so i might need to be AFK awile, something like a month (which discord server? one of the plutonium ones?) (im AdrX003#2242)
329 days ago
discord invite sent
334 days ago
I am now hosting an Open Beta of the Mod. Be sure you join the Discord server below.
 link dooown i wanted ur mod...
375 days ago
In Nacht, during dog rounds, if you stand in a certain spot in the help room, you wont get attacked by dogs. If you want more info, I can show you.
 heheh ,  so you also found it
387 days ago
Just want to say I appreciate your feedback and glad you liked the mod. The only downside is that everyone is pretty much finished with the mod in terms of support etc and also I lost the source files on my hardrive meaning things such as having an extra knife, adding extra models/sounds/weapons/fx would require me redoing the mod from scratch. I was planning to post a prototype version to try out but it's just an attempt to fix the coop lag when killing the exo boss. Thanks!, The whole mod is veteran mode but for zombies lmaooAppreciate it man!, I added some of your videos to the mods page under gameplay! Thanks once again.

 ((as i cant reply in your PM so ill answer here)) yea, all fine to test anything you make. (and wile playing recently i had a problem trying to put 3 (me and 2 friends) in a lobby, everything was correctly set, when the third dude joined, the game excluded the 2nd, and we could not get in a game)
429 days ago

Double Post Merge: April 20, 2019, 05:47:54 pm

Double Post Merge: April 20, 2019, 05:49:31 pm

wow, the Exo Boss/ The King is pretty strong hahah
i know you said its final version, but ive written some stuff that you might want
(and through this year i will have alot of time to playtest anything. pm if you need (more active on telegram: @lolidev))
/--/ Scripting /--/
-Add sound completion and wait for user input to get some the rewards at challenges
-Allow Frag/Semtex wallbuy to get Widow's Wine grenades when the player is using the perk
-fix locations for perk proning like the Revive on Shang (except on water i think)
-keep FOV sometimes when teleporting (only saw this on Kino, DR might have it too)
-bug where player gets stuck on one of the teleporter rooms,KinoPAP, or outside the map after being auto revived by Whos Who (maybe limit the doppleganger spawning to the zones that the game might have some "auto limits" of some sort)
-make the same chance of getting Fire Sale to get Perk Bottle
-Max Ammo reward +song Easter Egg +one of the 2 non-machine perks to all ZC maps (now that we can get the BO3 scripts with the new tool)
-EE to get perks on Kino listening all the radios, teleporting to the 3 secret zones and linking the switches where the teleporter haves cables linked to them?
-More eclipse time for solo games on Shangri-La sidequest, and make everyone gets the perma-perks like moon/COTD
-maybe double time for the PAP Drop at Verrukt and Shi no numa (sometimes is very far) or just force to spawn in closest zone to the drop
-the Lockdown rounds seem impossible after the 3rd or more, seems to need a nerf, something like limit the zombies on solo to 24 or 30 (on Coop seems OK, tested until round 34, 35, the flow of the dogs and zombies are good, seems hard as it should)
-WW2 Combat Knife anims to hold on "X", adding Mob Knife and All Melees there it the mod have any space (wich i think the isnt, but a lite version of it with those would surely be awesome)
-button to inspect anim?
/--/ Models changes/fixes /--/
-Shi No Numa Peter model
-Shangri-la spawn mistery box having the cover/upper part being out of position when closed
-BO3 Easter Egg Items (vril, focusing stone, focusing crystals, MPD, maybe moon computers)
-maybe change Panzersoldat model to Origins BO3 one and add it to more maps
/--/ Model+Scripting /--/
Update ADS to IW_Intervention to BO1_AUG model(the 1.5 Swarovski ACOG zoom,with corresponding sniper zoom, Intervention lens model)
458 days ago
To those having trouble playing in coop please read the known bugs tab, I'm sorry it has to be that way.

Double Post Merge: April 20, 2019, 07:41:53 pm

 <p>[tested only the 1.1.1 version, im going through the most recent right now] i really dont care about how much time i spend to start a coop, verurkt and moon took +100 tries but now they work fine. i just wanted shangri-la.... the game keeps the host at kind of a "middle map middle lobby" screen, and when player 2 connects, the host is frozen (and this never changed through host exchange in +30 tries, but ill keep trying it)</p><p>and can you extend the Eclipse time for solo just a bit?</p>
491 days ago
1175 days ago
Aw please send to
1184 days ago


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