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Prime is a completely different take on puzzle games, it is like none other out there! The simplistic and colorful design is greatly complemented with a NightMode. The NightMode makes it easy on your eyes to play in dimly light rooms or at night. There is also a random level mode, which you can play if you get stuck on a level or you finish the game. This game also lets you take your time with puzzles, as there is no timer for levels, which makes it a relaxing and brain teasing experience.

The game features 36 handcrafted levels, and there is a certain art behind each of them when you see the solution.

Also as stated above, the game features a NightMode, Here is a comparison of it being On and Off:

Here is the description from the Google PlayStore:

Inventive, colorful, and increasingly sophisticated, Prime is a creative new take on brain teasing puzzles. Through the use of four colors and various puzzle designs, the player must complete the goal of making all visible blocks a specific color. Cycle through the PRIME colors by tapping the blocks, but beware, the blocks adjacent change colors! It's creative and challenging, but above all, it's fun!

- 36 Hand-Crafted Levels.
- Random Mode: A special mode which creates levels specially for you! Try completing it in the least amount of taps!
- A newly implemented Night Mode allows for a dark background.

Here is a download link:
1610 days ago
is it like super meatboy? seems reminiscent

you could say so, but not exactly
1638 days ago
Hey guys!

This is what I have been spending my spare time on. I know I've not been much active with custom zombies, it's because of this. Check it out:

The Trailer:

Let me know what ya'll think!!!
1639 days ago
I added new levels and stuff. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!
1764 days ago
Congrats on the release! From the picture on google play, it looks just like that game Geometry Dash  :-\ Is it available for IOS? I want to try it!

It isn't on IOS yet, but will be soon. And i haven't played geometry dash so idk if it's similar.

Double Post Merge: November 18, 2015, 03:09:28 am
so i played it and i discovered that if you happy tap the screen repeatedly while on a blance beam you can stay on ther virtually forever. as long as you are moving towards it.
oh, its not game breaking or anything or even a bug imo.... so its fine imo..... as it can't be used to 'cheat' the game.
as im adding a 'fastest time' highscore option to it soon.
1844 days ago
Hey guys,

I released my game today on the Google Play Store.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

And if any bugs are found I will swiftly get to them and fix it.

1847 days ago
Well I did all color stuff on the ancient thingy, and now it said...use the weapon that feeds the beast? idk what that is... :-\  saw a green glowing barrel out by the fountain but it didn't do anything...
I just avoided all the perk drops so I didn't get whos who perk, and filled the four perks right away with what I need/like and works for me, but them pumpkins gave me the FAL non pap >:(

fun map, good job guys, looking forward to the finished/updates and finding out that beast part somehow.


Hint for the beast part: look around!
1866 days ago
So, could you please fix the who's who spawn system? It has gotten me killed more times than it has saved me.
and why remove the perk limit? it creates a challenge.
Also, the pro-perk system only works when you have 4 or less perks, just a heads up

Everything mentioned will be dealt with, PROxFTW is working hard to fix the bugs. sorry for such a release everyone.
1868 days ago
This map is absolutely brilliant, but just the one problem, as most people have said, the death barrier on the spiral staircase. Honestly, If you fixed that, then this map would be perfect. then i could finally do the easter egg :P Or try to. Also, Can you do the ee solo?

the death barrier has been fixed in the download link which is currently in the main post.

on a more general note: Me and PROxFTW are incredebly sorry for the state this map has been released in, we are working hard to fix the bugs stated so far, and we also have decided to remove the perk limit. Hopefully the people who have had a bad experience with this map give us another change once we upload the "fixed" version.

Pashan & PROxFTW
1868 days ago
This map is absolutely brilliant, but just the one problem, as most people have said, the death barrier on the spiral staircase. Honestly, If you fixed that, then this map would be perfect. then i could finally do the easter egg :P Or try to. Also, Can you do the ee solo?

I updated the link yesterday, that's been fixed
1869 days ago
the download link has been updated; fixing the bug where u died on the stairs. Thanks to tmaaan54 for finding it and reporting it!  ;)
1870 days ago
Was on round 10 and buying doors while my buddy ran zombies. I bought one of the underground doors, started to run into the new room, and was immediately spectating him. No death, no damage, just immediately spectating.   :poker:

Is this supposed to happen?

The is definitely strange and such a bug wasn't found by anyone during testing, does it happen every time?
1870 days ago
hehe still 23rd here and it wont be changing for a while :P but if you already compiled it and already uploaded it why wait more? if its done its done just d-d-d-dropp the Bass POWPOW TITITITIITITITI

1870 days ago


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