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Messages - sethizftw

yup, radiant has never been able to handle brushes at angles, so stupid, just use prefabs, so make the brush and detail in  prefab at a standard angle, then rotate the prefab in map
You are a savior. Thank you so much!
7 years ago
So I have been having this issue for way too long and I cannot fix it for the life of it. The number of times I have scrapped This room and rebuilt due to issues is ridiculous. Anyways this is the problem.

Problem: I make the brushes needed and then rotate them to match the rotation of the wall. After working on this for awhile I save and exit radiant. The very next time I go on radiant it screws up all the brushes that were rotated. I have tried 2 different ways to rotate it like the "Independent Arbitrary Rotate Tool", manually rotating it in the viewer and rotating it in the grid. I use a mixture of the 3 and have tried to save it different ways.

Here's a video on Google drive to demonstrate on what is going on:
7 years ago
Any updates??

Check out my twitter for updates.

i always hated five because the elevator separated the players, and alot of trolling cutting of the paths so if there would be any way to add staircase connectors between floors that could have expanded platforms between the floors with vending machines and matching overall theme more alternative routs could be good for replayability and a reason to play this version over the original  ;)

I will think in on this. Honestly not sure if it will be a true FIVE map or if I will have a twist to it simply because I like the map as it is. Definitely would save me time but ya know. :-\

I feel like Five really divided the community, you either loved it or hated it. Personally I hated it, the elevator was a pain in the ass and the scientist who would take your shit on the bottom floor was so obnoxious. But I know a lot of hardcore players who adore this level so it's definitely worth the effort. Looking good so far, good luck with it :)

Not gonna lie, I hated the map too lol. What made me start remaking it was a suggestion of a friend, but then as I played the map I came to adore it and it's gameplay.

been wanting a bo3 five remaster , nice say if you can could , could you maybe add nova crawler zombies and possibly the commando to the box , would really like it if you could and wow look forward to the final product looks awesome soo far man.

Thanks! Also, My scripting knowledge and all those sorts is at a 0. I want to start learning some of these things link modeling, scripting, texture making, and ect. but have no idea where to start and when to start because of school.

:rainbow:  :rainbow:  :rainbow:  :rainbow: Amazing job!


This looks AMAZING. Five is one of my favorite maps, i am soo happy

Glad to hear!
7 years ago
Thanks! and love your mob remake. :)
7 years ago
I've been on and off this for about 4 months, and thank you very much!
7 years ago
Very Early WIP but here is some pics. Thoughts?

7 years ago
add something new and call it reimagin
It's not being "reimagined" I am gonna try to keep it original. The video is just outside of the start room which I have released as a mod already, but I have updated it and made it more detailed since then.
I will admit I am going to change somethings up as far as detail but as gameplay goes I am trying to keep it the same
7 years ago
could someone put a link in this post need the latest modtools for world at war so I can make my map and link for the latest script place, please thanks :)
Wrong section please address this in another section of the forum.
7 years ago
Hey guys

I am remaking the map Five Tell me what you think. also, tell me what I can do to make it better and/or some tips I can use because I am fairly new to mapping still.
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7 years ago
I am playing project viking final, and I am getting stretched textures. No, I do not have t4m on I removed it before playing, and I do have spec. map off aswell. any fixes? btw, does the same for UGX requiem.
8 years ago
Just got round to playing it, and it needs some work. Firstly, no matter how many times I restarted I always got two ~10 second freezes at the start of every game. Secondly, on Solo I think this is just too hard. I know people like difficulty, but the round 1 sprinters + no wall weapons (from the doors I opened, so you were stuck with the randomness of the box) combined with the buggy gameplay made it not a very enjoyable experience.

I don't like leaving negative feedback but it has to be done sometimes. I'd wanna beat this Map if these issues were solved.
I've beaten this map solo and the freezing I will try to resolve. its not a matter of box weapons it's a matter of how you use it. I have beaten it with a kar98 for my first weapon. just gotta push the boundaries. I could make a video to show you it's not all that hard. :)
9 years ago
Already know but thanks anyway.  :)
9 years ago
You need to add a list of Features about the map to the release topic. Just saying its "basic but challenging" doesn't tell us everything. Please add some features as a comment and a mod will add it to the topic for you.
Will do thanks for giving me advice.
While it's not the best, great job on your first map! :) Just try to add more detail. Right click on the 2d grid and go to misc>model. Then you want to go to your raw/xmodel folder and use the models in there. I personally prefer the "Static_berlin" models. Place these decorations ALL around your map to make it prettier. Trust me. A little detail goes a LONG way. Also do what thezombiekilla6 said. ;)
I have put models on there but I am so limited on house models on there. I did try to create ported models from black ops 2 to my map but I do not know how to do it nor can I find a way as of now. I am going to update this map and be adding more detail and so on. this was just me getting it out there, because I was finally not getting any errors.
9 years ago
This is my first map. It is very basic but challenging. Not much to say about the map so just going to give the link.  :poker:
Map Features
Custom announcer.
Black ops 2 perks
Slightly modified world at war weapons.
mediocre detail.
The map will be updated for easier game-play because my map is evidently too hard.
Screen shots!

Thanks to:
HarryBo21: Perks
HitmanVere: Weapon editing
ZOMB1E-KLLR: For help on how to map.
9 years ago
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