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You can't find lobbies because most ppl don't have open waw ports for public players to see their game. my disc server is & steam acc:
52 days ago
Excellent map, great job with it. Very original and creative with the different area system. We completed it but definitely didn't discover all what the map has to offer, the staffs, chests, gold doors, bench etc.
428 days ago
I think this should be moved to the youtube section
Yeah you're right! I actually didn't realise there was one. 
480 days ago
Most challenging WaW custom experience out there in my opinion. Great map!
480 days ago
Looks nice, I'll give it a try :)
482 days ago
I soloed Ragnarok v1.2. I have not seen a video or heard of anyone soloing this difficult map before..? So here's the boss defeated for anyone who wants to see. It is a brilliant map, thanks to AwesomePieMan & HexZombies :)
516 days ago


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