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I ended up buying revive on my run through, because I was running the rgmk2 on round 45 and they were getting too close for comfort. It was also because of this I ultimately went for speed(got my first down because I did it midround and it was the weirdest down I ever had) and double tap. I only got jugg when my revives ran out. I also had like 7,000 kills by that point. Again, scavenger and winters howl are super op.

Yeah they are, but the scavenger is honestly something I'd prefer more than the winter's howl. It's makes everything way too laggy for me, but then again the laptop I use can't even handle the map. If you were to see how slow everything can go, you'd think it was The Matrix instead of zombies
2422 days ago
It may seem easy in the lower rounds, but you will start to have issues at about 35,36,37. not necessarily because they are hard to kill, but because ammo becomes a major problem. i died simply because my scavenger and winters howl went dry and I ran out of gersh devices.
Oh I know, I'm just having fun with those rounds lol it's amazing about how easy you anything under 30 is for this map. If I really have to, then it'll just be Speed and Double Tap bought. I've honestly never done a challenge so, it was best to assume that a proper Nacht der Untoten type of playstyle was in order :P
2422 days ago
So far this is honestly a pretty easy challenge, I'm on 25 solo but have the game on pause, gotta get sleep for work tonight. I'll continue at some other point, and even though 25 doesn't sound like much... then try doing like I am without perks, it's a hell of a lot more fun ^-^
2423 days ago
Just finished playing Zebba Farms and I managed to beat it pretty quick if I must say, @ZCTxCHAOSx   you sir, have made one great map
2958 days ago


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