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Messages - Dazza

8gb ram
i5-3230m processor
geforce nvidia gtx 740m

I have a craptop from late 2013. According to gpuboss and cpuboss my specs are slightly lower than the minimum specs stated on the steam page. I was expected an unplayable experience but that seems to not be the case :)
In saying that, i have all graphics set to low, resolution at 1366 x 768 and the resolution rendering set to 70%. Honestly the resolution rendering setting is a life saver, I've never come across a game with such an option until BO3.

IIRC i was getting 45-50 fps. I tried 50% for lols but its really bad. With so much reduction in the 3d rendering, the game becomes so blurry its hard to make out whats on your screen. I found 70% was an acceptable middle ground.
FYI I'm used to bad graphics and some people would probably turn their faces in disgust at seeing the graphics I'm playing on.
5 years ago
I had a really quick skim on zomMods and they seemed to have maps from UGX.
I haven't bothered with ZombieModding because the website hurts my eyes haha.
5 years ago

grab that bo3 for mod tools m8  :gusta:

Way ahead of ya mate  :D

Gave in to buying the season pass too.. even though it's only 20% off.
5 years ago
I also crash when I finish loading the game.
6 years ago
Just knife the first 2 rounds and you'll have enough points to get out of the first area without even going near the cable, just play it a few times and you'll see how it's no big deal. Then make sure to get flopper later on to avoid any further issues.Each part of the power has a few different places that they can spawn but they are all in a relatively small area, we intentionally didn't space them so far from each other that it would be frustrating.

I honestly can't find the power switch (if its not in one of the known spots). Other people are having the same problem. It seems like there is a chance that it won't spawn anyway. You say that they spawn in a small area, so I'm assuming they're limited to in the trap box building, the first box area, the power room area and the area just outside of power. People have looked EVERYWHERE and it just can't be found.
IIRC, so far I've found the power next to the bed, near the hells retriever book, and somewhere else. I think the third place I found it was either on the tables in the first box area, or on one of the brick walls.
6 years ago
I'd just like to add that my peekaboo mutator doesn't do anything. Also did you intentionally make one of the switch places extremely hard to find because sometimes me and others have to restart when we're unable to find the switch.
6 years ago
I completed the EE at round 28 with someone online and so we got the power ups. When he picked them up, he got them. When I picked them up? Didn't get the last perk I didn't have (whos who), didn't get the thundergun or a fourth weapon slot. I have no idea how this bug occurred but I'm just letting you know.
The game then crashed at round 31 :(
Its an awesome map otherwise.
6 years ago
I have downloaded the map and can play solo. But when I try to join a co op it says I need mods/ugx_requiem. I'm pretty sure they're the same version so I don't know whats going on.
6 years ago
I'm new here, but not so new to zombies. Played since black ops 1 (with the exception of several games of nacht der untoten).
I have a bunch of modded maps and some of them are awesome. At the moment I'm liking alien defense. Haven't got far into it yet though.

So, are there many Aussie/NZ players out there? I can only play solo for so long before I get bored/frustrated...
6 years ago
Well it seems to have fixed itself :)
6 years ago
I meant to say i start with no points or ammo, my mistake.  All the pick ups on the ground do not do anything
6 years ago
I spawn with no points and ammo.
I can't do anything. I get the impression that this is not meant to happen... Any ideas?
6 years ago
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