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Topics - Dazza

I had a really quick skim on zomMods and they seemed to have maps from UGX.
I haven't bothered with ZombieModding because the website hurts my eyes haha.
5 years ago
I'm new here, but not so new to zombies. Played since black ops 1 (with the exception of several games of nacht der untoten).
I have a bunch of modded maps and some of them are awesome. At the moment I'm liking alien defense. Haven't got far into it yet though.

So, are there many Aussie/NZ players out there? I can only play solo for so long before I get bored/frustrated...
6 years ago
I spawn with no points and ammo.
I can't do anything. I get the impression that this is not meant to happen... Any ideas?
6 years ago
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