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this map made me go Ooooof
750 days ago
Simon Says step crashes for me as well
792 days ago
This map is fucking amazing! Love the map design, weapons, and Easter egg. Three of my friends and I had no problems installing and launching the game and we had a lot of fun getting through the Easter egg.
803 days ago
I'm so excited to play this! Been looking forwards to it for a very long time! I will report back on how much I'd enjoyed it. I already know this is going to be amazing.

Double Post Merge: April 27, 2018, 01:03:07 am
Also, dose this require any dlc? I have it all but my friends don't. Just making sure.
804 days ago
807 days ago
He helps me time to time with scripting when I ask for help so he is kinda working on map. We have almost finished the finale of Easter Egg, but we will see, if it will get extended /shrug

So excited man!
1021 days ago
dab on them zombies
1042 days ago
My post was so obviously sarcastic, i thought even the last autistic person on the internet would get it. Oh well...

How the heck is anyone suppose to pick that up as sarcastic? Most kids are serious about how they can't have fun on a map without cheats. I see it all the time on almost all of these maps. Next time just give constructive criticism or just compliment the mapper since he has put an insane amount of time and effort into making a fun map for everyone to enjoy.
1054 days ago
Im still checking this post everyday. The hype is real.
1056 days ago
In response to my "rude" post, containing few curse words and hardly offensive remarks in the introductory and closing sentences, I urge anyone to look at what it has to say. This is a special reminder to the creator of the map, whippytrout, who quite literally claimed my post was offensive and took to heart that he was being offended. Although  since you are wasting countless hours of your time in to a hardly playable map for custom zombies on a 9 year old video game, I understand being critiqued might hurt your feelings. Although I could go on, roasting, calling you out. I would like to ask you to take a look back at my original comments about the map and consider my suggestions, as I do see potential in you as a map maker; and would like to continue playing waw maps that aren't complete garbage,

Nobody has time to read through your bullshit, your comment was not criticism, you just sound like a 8 year old who couldn't even get the power on and needs cheats to play a map.
1101 days ago
This map is complete trash, if it was released 6 years ago it might've been good, its got that going for it. I don't map often, but I can't believe how anyone could manage to make a map so dull, long, repetitive and just fucking boring dude.

In case you still are planning to make more maps, here's what I would suggest to better your next projects:

1. Allow players to cheat (haven't read up on it but I couldn't noclip with sv_cheats 1) cheating is fun and helpful.
2. Make a map fast, for the player, especially if it is a remake when their is already knowledge of what is to come.

- example; in this map feeding the dogs takes like 15 seconds for each zombie (zombies killed within the 15 second feeding time don't count which is literally autistic) and 10 zombies each, thats two and a half minutes for a third of a passage of a door, so... 150(Time per dog) x 3(Amount of dogs) x 2(Blue dogs) = 900 seconds. 15 minutes of BORING AS FUCK FEEDING of an AUTISTIC DOG, I could go on, but you probably understand

3. You say you added a lot to the map and its not just a remake, but the first minutes of playing are the exact same but you spawn in a different area, what's new? Oh shit lmao nothing, anyways what you added was a boring easter egg and shiny new guns that server the same purpose as all the other guns but are made poorly.

- A good map remake would be nuketown remastered by SirJammy and Ege115 it adds new FUN things to the map, including but not limited to, an easter egg you can do at your pace. Its greatness is hard to simplify into words, heres the link,12734.0.html

4. This map is ugly and feels like it was rushed, either you rushed it, or you are a shitty map maker, the gameplay is trash so if you were going for either of those you failed, horribly.

I hope you benefit from this criticism, and good luck on any future maps, let this utter complete disgusting fucking abomination of human time be remembered as when your maps stopped sucking mega dick.

You need cheats to have fun on a map? Fucking pathetic, get the fuck out. Your cancer.
1102 days ago
So excited for this!
1115 days ago
The map is awesome, love it alot. I only found one bug, and it's the warden sliding on the ground at the speed of sound.
Heres a GIF of it. Sorry for the darkness.

Thats a panzer dummy
1127 days ago
yeeeee boy!
1129 days ago
I can already tell this will be map of the year ;)
1223 days ago


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