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Alright, went back and re-downloaded the map. Worked so far. Downloaded the map, no problem. May have been an internet issue, but seeing as I had tried yesterday with similar issues, i don't know.

And i don't know about the error code 3 thing, but it did say at the very end of another error message about Contacting Aidan about : Error Code 3. No idea, that's all it said.

For now, thanks for the help. :)
2420 days ago
Yep, been getting a new error while trying to download maps from the UGX manager.
 The error reads:

ZIP Extraction Error:
Extract to Folder(
"C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp\UGX Map Manager\",
"C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp\UGX Map Manager\",

Exception Message

CRC Mismatch.

And it's not just that one map in particular. All maps (except Shinra Ops, which downloaded just fine) won't download, with the exact same error messages.

I've tried re-downloading the manager, re-downloading the files, restarting my computer, running the manager as an administrator. I can't think of any other solutions.

Oh, and last note. It says error code 3 after all of that. Don't know if that changes anything, but it says it after all of that.

Hope to hear from you all soon.  :)
2420 days ago


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