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looks like a great map gonna go for some high rounds for sure 
714 days ago
You gotta go to pap area and launch the little spaceships.  After that find them flying around the map and fill them with souls.  Once they are all filled go over to the tele to pap and start the Simon Says, game crash happens then.

Yeah I realized this after playing the map some more  but forgot to edit my comment saying so
853 days ago
some are complaining about the step crashing the game, I can't even find it
856 days ago
I feel stupid for asking this: but how do you load the map?
1044 days ago
High round attempts here I come
1137 days ago
Challenge Accepted

Review: A very fun map I really enjoyed the difficulty ( made it to round 31: good ol wonder weapons )

there were only 3 glitches that I found

pack-a-punch area if you go to prone in the middle underneath the stairs it will confuse the zombies ( both stairs )
whole map: zombie would get stuck outside the playable area but it would die off ending the round

So I can give this a definite 9.5 out of 10
1149 days ago
Definitely playing this map looks like a amazing map

Besides: yote was my favorite YouTuber before he died so I'm gonna love this map

Kudos dude Kudos

Edit: oh boy where do I start about this map ( my complaints anyway )

While finding the power is easy I've only found 2 perks ( quick revive and speed cola )

haven't found the pack-a-punch yet

and Samantha, where do I even begin with her, quite overpowered ( but that's just me )

over all great map, just some complaints that's all
1157 days ago
Beat the map on round 30

I had the points by round 22, I decided to go for round 30 because why not

Excellent map wish it had a custom ammo counter but hey beggars can't be choosers

Kudos my man Kudos
1157 days ago
I like the part where it says Leaderboards, wish more maps would do that
1240 days ago
Wouldn't mind being a tester of this if your  ok with tthat always loved custom maps ( well some of them ) and this looks amazing so far
1247 days ago
I feel stupid for asking this, but how does the care packages work? I never seem to get it to work for me

Double Post Merge

From my last post i meant supply drops but i forgot

Double Post Merge

sigh, found out how to use them ( sorry for the spam btw )
1263 days ago
What do you mean? You can purchase damage upgrades for each gun through the in-game menu.

Double Post Merge: March 20, 2017, 03:23:45 am
Update video addressing issues with the mod:

yeah didn't realize that until i got deep into the mod * facepalm * but still great mod
1278 days ago
Really awesome mod my most favorite so far hopefully the guns can be P-A-P'd sometime keep up the damn great work man
1282 days ago


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