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Well of course you get an error, you can't just take files out of the mod and expect it to still work. The reason the crashing stopped is because the crash is related to the menu, which is stored in the mod.ff you removed. Wait for an update.
Ok so when is the next update expected to be realeased?
2541 days ago
okay i deleted it .... then launched it and tried launching it through my console ... then a script compile error shows up "could not find script'_maps/_zombiemode_powerups" .... and my skype name should be justin balczak
It's been a while since I've been on here, but I came back to redownload, took the mod.ff file out, and now i get the script error for the powerups.  It's not crashing anymore, thank god, and I did download version 1.4, so now what do I do.  I really want to do the gun game mode.
2542 days ago
First, unless you are downloading from the "Show all map versions" section, then you shouldn't be asked where to download to. Make sure to be in the "Show new map versions" section (the button is in the bottom left corner). And also, I just tried to download it, and I get the same error. Apparently that file got deleted from our server somehow. Sorry! (Also, ignore the other thing I said in the previous post - I thought you were getting a different error.) We will re-upload Christmas 1.5 soon.
I did that before and it crashes my World at War.
2633 days ago
I can't seem to download version 1.5 of UGX Christmas.  Help?
You'll need to describe the problem more thoroughly.
  I'll open the download manager and download version 1.5 of Christmas.  I'll get a window asking me to choose a file to install the mod into.  I'll click any file, and I'll get an error message saying: "Could not accsess the file requested.  Please try again later."  I have no idea what to do.
2633 days ago
I can't seem to download version 1.5 of UGX Christmas.  Help?
2633 days ago
I can't seem to play the Christmas map.  It keeps crashing and the installer won't let me download version 1.5 of the Christmas map.  Any help would be great.
2633 days ago


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