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I've asked my friends who own the game (not very many) and they don't know how either Do I create a folder called maps and download maps and drag them in or what? O0 
175 days ago
aren't the waw's weapons already in bo1 mod tools?
can I see the soundalias?
287 days ago
did you copy the images to your mod?
291 days ago
I don't think it's better, obviously it's easier to find a specific object in assest viewer and see how it looks, but the model_pics are just to give a preview of what the object would look like.
Example: If you are looking for a tree and you already know that it is in the "t5_foliage" section, then you go to that section and look for the tree while in radiant, the preview will not be exact to the model but you will know at least what it looks like, so it can be useful in terms of speed or maybe I'm the only one who did this in waw :P.
292 days ago
Does asset viewer not work?
this is for radiant not for asset viewer
293 days ago
if I remember correctly what you have to do is find the files c_zom_quad.gsc and c_ger_honorguard_zt.gsc in the folder raw/character open the files and change "self attach (self.headModel," ", true);" for this "self attach (self.headModel," "false);"
294 days ago
Hello people, today I bring you the model_pics of the models that are in the mod tools(beta), this was a pain in the ass to do so I hope it is useful to someone :D. I will probably upload some missing models such as foliage and vehicles with their respective model_pics.
295 days ago
again same error. sad, it's impossible
do you have the game_mod installed too? I don't remember if I got that error  :P
296 days ago
R_RegisterFont: Error while reading font 'fonts/consoleFont'R_RegisterFont: Error while reading font 'fonts/consoleFont'
R_RegisterFont: Error while reading font 'fonts/consoleFont'R_RegisterFont: Error while reading font 'fonts/consoleFont'Fatal Error: critical error
Exception Address: 006D3028

DLL Base Address: 63FB0000

EBP: 00000000   EIP: 006d3028
ESP: 0019e75c   EFLAGS: 00010297

SEGCS: 00000023   SEGSS: 0000002b   
SEGGS: 0000002b   SEGFS: 00000053
SEGES: 0000002b   SEGDS: 0000002b

EDI: 00a48808   ESI: 00000001
EAX: 00000000   EBX: 0019e87c
ECX: 00000062   EDX: 00000073

Stack Trace:
frame[00]: 006D3024 00000000 00000000 0019E75C
Did you follow the instructions exactly?
Did you have the beta mod tools installed?
and I do not want to scare you but I had to uninstall and install it 4 times before it worked for me  :P
298 days ago
at compile time

R_RegisterFont: Error while reading font 'fonts/consoleFont'Fatal Error: Couldn't load default.cfg
what I did was take the file default_480p.cfg from the raw folder and make a copy with the name default.cfg
299 days ago
there are features of the installation?
look at the instructions
299 days ago
great map! Excellent
By the way. The zombies run in round 1 .. And they are very aggressive, their attacks are almost instantaneous and they also push you when you are very close to them. It is very uncomfortable. Could you fix or improve those things?  :gusta: :rainbow:
I made the zombies run from round one so that the start of the map was not too slow and the zombies are aggressive because that's how they work in waw there's nothing I can do about it
344 days ago
Map Updated
*Fixed an error in which the boss shoots grenades that did not disappear
*Fixed the weapons hud
*Fixed the hud of some missions
*Some models did not have a clip layer
*Removed 2 weapons (k7 and law)
*Decreased the number of times for the box to change its position
*Fixed a bug in which the weapons disappeared after a certain round (I'm not 100% sure)
*Reduced the number of faces of the custom characters
*Removed some fx
*When you die with who is who now you will have the upgraded m9a1
*Added Dolphin dive(I do not remember who this script is   :P)
*Fixed some gun sights
*Fixed some sound problems
*Added zap gun(thanks to shippuden)
*Fixed the end of the map (said mission failed instead of completed)
This may be the last version, I just hope I did not ruin anything else by editing the scripts
383 days ago


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