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HOW  DO I INSTALL (im new to modding and really want to play this) I CANT FIND ANY TUTORIALS PLEASE SOMBODY LINK ME TO A TUTORIAL!!!
26 days ago
Here is an example i made for you, hope it helps:

73 days ago
you are using the wrong soundaliases, the real ones are in "soundaliases/zones" look at the "zmb_common.all.csv" there are all the bo1 weapons soudaliases.
77 days ago
Hello, me and my friend we are always blocked on this step, the final step with the chief(when we need to electrify him to get access to the last part).
We always do all the easter egg normally and fine but when it's time to us to electrify the thief nothing happen we try it again and again but still nothing, we can't go any further
I do the same thing in the only one video on youtube and that's working for him not for us, maybe it's a special thing we need to know to do it or idk but it's like 8 times in the week we go like 40 rounds and be blocked and just leave bcs we can't do it, I put the electric trap and he comes in and nothing, I hope you can help me, have a nice day.
Depending on the number of players the doctor must go through the same number of traps, maybe that's the problem.
This map was really fun! Glad most of the glitches were fixed. Since me and my friend found lots in the older versions of the map
 Thanks, i could have fixed more stuff, but lost the files when updating windows :P .
I know I'll be giving this a go in the future!

- Thanks Gogeta! <3
 Thanks, i hope you enjoy it :) .
103 days ago
 He man, so when ever I load up the map(clicking it in the mod menu in the game) it doesnt load and crashes and says every time,"couldn't load image 'fxt_data_reel'", do you know how to fix it , I have all the map files and I have game_mod
  I have no idea man, sorry. Maybe there is a dlc that is necessary to play or something, but I'm not sure.
125 days ago
:D All around great map by a legend of a mapper. Played your maps since I joined UGX. Thanks for all the fun I've gotten from your maps.
 Thanks to you for playing them, i'm really glad you enjoyed my maps :D
Can I make a video on the map please?
Sure O0
129 days ago
When i try and go into the DevMap it crashes and i keep getting an error... is there a way i can get around that and be able to use some cheats?
To launch it from the console use
 "devmap zombie_battery" but that will not activate the cheats because I deactivated them via script.

Double Post Merge: December 04, 2019, 04:22:27 pm
When i try to start battery the game tell me "can't found Fonts" i re installed black ops 1 and battery i get the same error
That's weird. Are you playing in the steam version?
291 days ago
in the "raw" folder there must be two files called "default_480p.cfg" and "default_720p.cfg" copy any of them and rename it as "default.cfg".
291 days ago

Thanks, I added the dogs in that step because I thought it was too easy, I didn't think it would be that difficult but of course I knew where all the mines were located, so it was easy for me :P .
313 days ago
Gogeta22344 will ever do tutorials on how to mod the game?
I don't want to make a map, just some weapon mods and Double Tap 2.0.
I did it just like in waw, but there are better ways to port weapons into bo1. For double tap 2.0 you just have to set "SetClient Dvar( "perk_weapRateEnhanced", "1");" for all players.
317 days ago
This day 4.11.2019 map is still broken i got akimbo shotgun of the box and after upgrades i kill 2 zombies and instantli game crash
Please fix these bug
I first downloaded map in these page and after i downloaded map from the line where they wrote that the bugs have already fixed and is still nothing
Yes, apparently the shotguns crash the game, I'm not sure why but I think the problem is doubletap 2.0. I could make doubletap work like the first versions (double damage instead of firing twice).
Edit: 1.1.8 is out. Hope is working now, i tested it to round 99 with script and round 20 by playing the game.
Edit 2: 1.1.9 is out. I forget to put the crank gun fix in 1.1.8, my apologies for that.

320 days ago
been trying to get this mod to work with a friend in coop but we get stuck in the loading screen. Anything you know that could get game_mod to cooperate?
make sure you both have the same map version(1.1.7)

Double Post Merge: November 03, 2019, 03:36:21 pm
The minigun is bugged after sprinting canot not be reloading

i'll see what is happening thanks for reporting it
322 days ago
The .exe file doesn't seem to work for me. I don't know what to do lol.
if the .exe does not work, you can extract the folder with winrar
327 days ago
I'll add to the dogpile here, phenomenal work! Everything about this map is so fresh, the setting, the weapons (pepperbox!), the easter egg, everything! The Lazerkraftwerk is a little broken in terms of making me stupid rich fairly early on, but the difficulty keeps that power in check, overall things feel pretty balanced; I personally didn't have a problem with door prices, and that was before getting the Lazerkraftwerk. All the perks have their right properties (DT2.0 is indeed 2.0), I didn't notice any obvious bugs, and honeslty it just plays so smooth. I have nothing but respect, thank you so much for this!
Thanks for playing my map, I'm glad you liked it
331 days ago
He fixed it for most of it. I upgraded and shot the electric shot at a large group of zombies and it crashed lol
I thought i fixed it but apparently the problem was that i didn't delete the effect that comes out of the gun when firing

Double Post Merge: October 20, 2019, 02:17:43 pm

Electry cherry is bugged it didnt do her work
I see the light but it didnt stun the ZM
it seems that the harry script doesn't work like that but ill try to change it
336 days ago


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