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 Yes, another remake, this time is battery from waw. The history is basically about how these guys get the summoning key and give it to the reporter from Shadows Of Evil.
Created By: Gogeta, Espi_thekiller & Shippuden1592.
*Mostly ww2 weapons
*10 perks(8 original perks + widows and cherry)
*Custom perk bottles and icons
*Custom Wonder Weapon
*Panzer Soldat
*Thief from five
*Bouncing Bettys
*Shadows of evil hud(kind of)
*Shadows of evil mistery box
*Muzzle Flashes
*Custom Characters
*Gorod Krovi round music
*Custom monkey bomb
*Easter Egg
*Boss Fight


Download Links v1.1.8:
:homer: To play this map you must have game_mod installed:homer:


:nyancat_chainable: Want the spanish voiceovers?:nyancat_chainable2:
Dowload this file:

 navigate to where the mod was installed and delete the file "clippy_vox.iwd" then paste the file you downloaded.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

*Nukem & Se2dev(linker mod and game_mod)
*Meet-Your-Maker(glitch finder)
*Clippy95(english voiceovers, doubletap 2.0, vision file and bug reporting)
*Joshwoocool(BO4 voices)
*ricko0z(some bo3 sounds and models)
*alaurenc9(randomize characters tutorial)
*c.h.n(Lens Flare effect tutorial)
*ConvictioNDR(ar46, groza-1 weapons and double tap 2.0 tutorial)
*xSanchez78(conversion rig view hands)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
*DuaLVII's(rotating doors tutorial and yes i know they already work like that in bo1)

*BluntStuffy(panzer soldat tutorial)
*treminaor(or whoever did the icons for the installation creator)
*Thunderfrost(beta testing, trailer)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Spanish Trailer made by Thunderfrost:
English Trailer made by clippy95  :

If I forgot to mention someone in the credits or you found a bug please tell me.
57 days ago
Hello people, today I bring you the model_pics of the models that are in the mod tools(beta), this was a pain in the ass to do so I hope it is useful to someone :D. I will probably upload some missing models such as foliage and vehicles with their respective model_pics.
474 days ago


An old map from waw used to test se2dev mod tools (with a buyable ending  ;) )
Some Pictures:

Special Thanks:
*SE2Dev-Mod tools.
*Espi_thekiller-Help to make mod tools work
*ricko0z-Help to make mod tools work too  :P


You will need game_mod to be able to play this map

*SE2Dev-Mod tools.
*Tom-BMX-Bo1 sound tools
*Treyarch_Activision-Bo1 Mod tools beta
*HitmanVere-mod.arena  :troll:
*Espi_thekiller-Help to make mod tools work
*ricko0z-Help to make mod tools work too  :P
589 days ago

This map is a remake of Firebase Glacier from mass effect 3 and i have nothing more to say about it so enjoy(using google translator :gusta:)
*T4m required
*Turn on specular map
*Play it in full screen
*Some resolutions might not match the hud

*9 perks(2 custom).
*Custom perks & grenades icons
*weapons from bo2, bo3, ghost, aw & iw.
*Custom character models(+ viewhands).
*Custom zombie models.
*Custom Boss.
*Exo zombies generators.
*Exo zombies style teleporters.
*Custom Muzzleflashes.
*Gersch Devices.
*Custom cammo.
*Custom soundtrack.
*Specialist(like bo3).
*3 game modes.
*Selectable characters.
*Custom powerups.
*3 hitmarkers styles(can be changed ingame)
*FOV slides
*custom hud
*No doors
*Buyable ending

*Fixed an error in which the boss wanting to grab you when you're lying down the game is closed by a script error
*Fixed an error in which you can not play coop because the map had many images (before uploading the map I added some images sorry :-[)
Now the cooperative should work for at least 2 players (I only test with 2 so I'm not sure if it's the maximum number of players without error)
*Fixed an error in which the boss shoots grenades that did not disappear
*Fixed the weapons hud
*Fixed the hud of some missions
*Some models did not have a clip layer
*Removed 2 weapons (k7 and law)
*Decreased the number of times for the box to change its position
*Fixed a bug in which the weapons disappeared after a certain round (I'm not 100% sure)
*Reduced the number of faces of the custom characters
*Removed some fx
*When you die with who is who now you will have the upgraded m9a1
*Added Dolphin dive(I do not remember who this script is   :P)
*Fixed some gun sights
*Fixed some sound problems
*Added zap gun(thanks to shippuden)
*Fixed the end of the map (said mission failed instead of completed)
This may be the last version, I just hope I did not ruin anything else by editing the scripts

put this in the main/video folder.

ricko0z--weapons, bo3 perks models, bo2 perks models
Espi_thekiller--a lot of help with scripting, chaos mod script, hud scrpit
shippuden1592--help with script,weapons
MikeVLC--help with script
deper--Gersch fx
Alexander Birukov--Youtube rigging tutorial
Koan--Fov slider tutorial
Killer Potato--weapons(cfgfactory)
MZslayer11--Hitmarkers tutorial
Tmobile1129--Vision file
HitmanVere--bo1 style pause menu tutorial
c.h.n--Lens flare tutorial
johndoe--Textures tutorial
bamskater33--Bo perks, slow ride perk idea
MakeCents--Char swap tutotial, ramdomize player models tutotial
DidUknowiPwn--Zombie blood tutorial, Main menu tutorial
Scobalula--Updated powerups hud tutorial
alaurenc9--who is who script
Tom Crowley--Model export tools
Yaph1l--something?(can't remember what)
sky-commander(from deviantart)--mass effect 3 models
nach77(from deviantart)--mass effect 3 models
Treyarch--bo1,bo2,bo3 weapons
Iw--infinite warfare weapons
Bioware--mass effect 3 models, sounds, etc.
UGX Mods Team--Ugx Scripting Reference, weapon editor, script placer

Special Thanks:
Thanks for helping me for so long without despair  ;)
Please report any errors to fix it as quickly as possible
611 days ago


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