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My map as it stands now

The layout is pretty much complete just a lot of detail to
1176 days ago
Cos it's teleporter a from the giant with some modifications...
Erm no it isn't go watch my YouTube channel i show the progress of each room I make
1218 days ago
Another screenshot from my map made with mod tools... this room in total probably took me about 10 hours to make

hope you guys enjoy these little updates
1219 days ago
Only a week into learning Radiant mapping and I feel I can say safely I am progressing well
Opinions please ??
1219 days ago
Looking good. What's with the odd light rendering at around the 8 second mark though?

I've still got a long way to go to get the lighting perfect , but not sure why some parts fail to render
1221 days ago
Making some progress with these mods, hope you guys dont mind me showing my work... i literally just started mapping on wednesday having never used radiant before... give me a rating
1222 days ago
The whole idea of PERK A LOT is to give the players that extra edge , first buy will be free after completing the main Easter egg , further buys will incur some sort of cost (TBA) , this is to benefit so people don't need to waste there mega gobblegum perk a holic, and it's still uncertain if we will get mega gum balls in mod tools due to them needing liquid DIVINIUM to purchase which can't be bought with micro transaction

My whole theory on this is if they give us the use of megas it will be using our megas we have earned and who would want that , that's why perks are always gonna be better than gobblegums
1224 days ago
Thank you for the support for me receiving the tools , yes I know there is much more talented mappers than me , I truly feel blessed by haven been given these tools

I am trying to prove myself the community , I have started making my map (basic at the minute) I've begun adding my custom perks

Not sure what the rules are on posting videos but here is my map this far lots more to do and more videos to come if I'm allowed
1224 days ago
Wow thanks guys for an utter massive kick in the crotch with this, why the hate on me, sure i dont do massive amounts of mapping but if you follow me closely you will know ive made more than just the BANANA COLADA perk machine model... but hey im not gonna start a slagging match, didnt expect this from this forum at all

Utterly disgusted
1227 days ago
I'm happy to have this in both waw and bo3
1325 days ago
Yeah forgot to add it will give splash damage resistance , as for the machine lights I'll need to look into that , like I say I have the finished model right now need it textures then I can work on the other effects for power I suppose , and yeah I'll be making a bottle also , it's gonna be the full package when finished hopefully
1325 days ago
Ok well I started to put together some textures for this beasty , as for the effects here is what we the community have decided months ago


Using the slide effect we can now get banana colada and slide through the hordes , slide distance will increase by about 33% aswell as slide speed by 33% during the slide you will knock zombies over and leave a trail behind yourself that acts like the sliqufiier effect from die rise , zombies will slip and fall over some may die some won't , this will last on the ground for a few seconds

The negative effects to balance this out are , let's say a zombies health at round 5 is 500 the banana colada perk will have a kill target of about 600 so zombies up to round five or six will most likely fall over and die , after these rounds it just will knock them over and they will take the necessary damage , so in higher rounds all you will be able to do is knock them down for a few seconds

This balances out the overpoweredness of the perk I think, but like I said earlier I would love someone to help script this for me at some point the main machine is pretty much finished just Gotta texture it and we are good to go
1325 days ago
thank you for the warm welcome, i have sent this to treyarch many times, ive heard back from certain members of there team regarding Banana Colada and well the news is unfortunate they cant accept outside ideas due to legal reasons.

So all im left with is the option to create this perk for Bo3 mod tools for when they release
1325 days ago
Ok so for those who don't know , I'm part creator of the custom perk Banana Colada , I designed the perk and wrote the custom jingle for it
But I've took things up a notch and I've started getting to grips ok creating this for zombies, I've enlisted the help of a model creator and we set to work , I'm currently still working on the skin texture as I want it to be perfect but here is what we have so far
Here is the machine in its final form untextured

Here is the machine as it stood when we were just testing it out in maya (hence the basic texture overlay)

What I'm asking is , if anyone would like to offer help on this project to bring it to the game , any help will be appreciated

Looking for someone who can help script this to work in game using the bo3 slide manoeuvre , I know mod tools for bo3 tools aren't out just yet so probably have to wait for that

But yeah just putting this out there

Also for those interested I made a full song version of the jingle enjoy
1326 days ago


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