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Well the thing is i know most us as a whole community will just like to see the peace  :nyan:
idk if u guys know this or not but before a lot of things happen i was very active here i been away a year and still have more post than some of you regular guys and even though I am a part of TMG it doesn't mean i cant respect the work of others

Its ok to keep a friendly competitiveness between the 2 of us which is fine and welcomed
but lets not Actually have hard feelings towards each other :D
2585 days ago
How is it ok for everyone at TMG to bash UGX on the forums on TMG saying ridiculous things about people copying content and this guy wants to be like Tom and then I say something and Im a dick. I never said any names so you taking offense to this is absurd ;)

Q: who is the fine ass holes at TMG then ?

A : :O a SHIT ton of win makers

we have a winner !!!!!!!!!   :troll: :troll:

Post Merge: August 25, 2013, 01:44:19 pm
Also does this looks like I am bashing them  :o :o

2585 days ago
The fine ass holes over at TMG aint got sh#t on this :D

Not once have i called you out of your name or disrespected you. There are several ways to tell these guys nice job without being a dick towards others  :o :o
2585 days ago
I came to say good job on the updates  :o :o
2597 days ago
Very good adjustment looks way better mate keep up the good work  :D
2919 days ago
good job so far
2919 days ago
The models don't randomly show up like in the video and in shi no numa, and I guess the compile can't find the file zw_randomperks.gsc for some reason. Yes it's added in mods/mapname/maps and for debugging I tried raw/maps hoping it would make a difference, then I thought maybe it was a permissions issue so I double checked that and it's still not finding the file in the compile.

So if anyone knows what the issue is for this error let me know

ERROR: Could not open 'maps/zw_randomperks.gsc'
 failed loading 'maps/zw_randomperks.gsc' of type 'rawfile' found in source file '../zone_source/nazi_zombie_The_Arc.csv'

make sure waw is not open when compiling that will cause problems also try copying the script to another gsc just create one
2926 days ago
nice :)
2937 days ago
looks good  :)
2938 days ago
art looks Good
2962 days ago
Anyways i have wrote a few epic scripts over the past few days  so yeah the progress is coming along just great  8)
2962 days ago
hello  there  :)
2962 days ago
hey did u ever get yo goggles workin if so i can put the vision file in yo map
2966 days ago
Flashlights are a pain in the ass - BO had an engine function added for flashlight use which is the only reason why it works well in that game - if you try to do one with FX in CoDWaW, the light will be glitchy as fuck and won't actually project onto surfaces like a flashlight would. (spotlight)

The best way to do a mobile light source imo is to do the lighter like I did in Gasthof.

hey Yeah Trem did u post a tut for that or can u refer me to a script i can refrence from and zNiic Ithink that would look cool in the map i wont mind spending the time scripting it in there i might even use the lighter to let the players set the OIl Rig on fire  ;)
2966 days ago
tunnel looks good zniic maybe i can add some bats in there wat u think?
2967 days ago


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