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Looking forward to trying this out
844 days ago
My friend and I both have T4M and when I shoot any zombie a little into round 2, my game freezes and he loses connection.

We don't mess with FOV or cheats. Any possible solutions?
1178 days ago
im having a terrible time playing this because it slows down every time I do something. I'm running an i5 4460 and a r9 390 so im thinking it might be my low disc space causing problems.

Very cool map from the tiny bit I got to see!
1200 days ago
Map was fantastic. The BO3 gun was one of my final box rolls and i bought the ending at round 28.
1496 days ago
I am having a lot of trouble finding the rest of the map. I can get outside and turn the power on, get jugg, and double tap. But after that the map loses all fun because the rest of the map is so damn hard to find. I tried running around while looking down to see if I could find a hidden door like how it took me ages to find the first door in the spawn, but still couldn't find anything. Please elaborate on how I can get to the rest of the map; Juggernog, Double Tap, Quick Revive, and a few guns isn't really enough.

Yeah I'm in the same boat. It's getting pretty annoying. Going on a half hour now and still nothing.

Double Post Merge: November 05, 2015, 12:54:46 am
Looks like either nobody else is having this issue, or people just glossed over the features and didn't play it yet :)
1496 days ago
I'm having a great time with the map but can't seem to find the correlation between the numbers. I have 3 challenges complete but the bottom gate is not open.

Overall, awesome and challenging map!
1519 days ago
still though, this mod is incredible.
1725 days ago
this is amazing! Can't wait to play maps with this. This is the future of modding.
1737 days ago
i have just donated and installed it but can't login at the moment. I have to go but ill try again soon
1780 days ago
i honestly cant wait to see what they cook up this time. Can't wait for hundreds of hours and long nights with my friends
1780 days ago
I ran into that issue a few times and somehow it stopped coming happening at one point, so I didn't realize it'd still be around.

hey how do you switch this from campaign/co-op to your map when hosting? thanks
1780 days ago
Just because I said the map was difficult does not mean that im saying its a bad map. I guess im the only one that died many many times. I told them I was going to play the map and give my feedback and thats what I did. My first impressions of the map are its tough. Never once did I say the map was horrible or did I say that I was never playing it again. I guess the positive things I said were shadowed by me saying the map was hard. From now on I will keep my opinions to myself :-X

i died a lot too. i think this map sucks but thats just me. no cheats so i cant modify fov :/
2038 days ago
This map disabled me from getting headshots. I sprayed whole mags to the head and no points or anything. It also didn't unlock when i put the key in the thing next to pap on the wall. Needs work but it's okay i guess.
2057 days ago
i know it's your first map, but what a train wreck. It reminds me of Prison Mission with the awful textures and all the useless stuff laying around. It was a great idea for your first attempt, however the only redeeming factor of this map is the wunderfizz. I couldn't hear your voice after I bought the 30k ending for the easter egg because you put that sound on the same dial as the zombie voices. They just kept screaming over your quiet voice. I was beyond annoyed with all of the pointless triggers. Ultimately, I still had fun with the perks, and I really liked your bridge idea, it hasn't been done well quite yet (aside from MOTD in BO2). Please take what I and many others have said about the map into consideration so you can improve your skills for next time. You can become a great mapper if you keep at it.
2095 days ago
I cant get out of the starting room lol... the round never starts

jump out of the window.

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2122 days ago


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