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surely it would make more sense to have the sequel in BO3, bit more freedom and more people would play it
1222 days ago
if you plan to keep the weapon set the same, do you intend for the gersch device, Wave Gun, QEDs to appear too? I hope so as your map could be the first. Though if you couldn't the Mk3 would probably fit quite well. I personally would also like to see you add GG machines and the rest you could leave the same.
1327 days ago
how do you get EC? couldn't find the machine anywhere
1388 days ago
Decided to not go with rushing the map

a rarity these days
1430 days ago
is this coming out?
1439 days ago
you've gotta add the thief, hes my fav boss
1485 days ago
I think it would be better in black ops 1 since that's what the theme is and it really looks like bo1 dlc

except no-one plays bo1 much... whilst it fits theme of bo1, it makes more sense to be on BO3 where there are actual mod tools plus more people would play it
1496 days ago
personally i think it looked better more lit up, but depends if you're going for a more 1:1 remake or not (which i personally dont see the point of)
1499 days ago
Mark 2 would do nicely as suggested, good luck with the Mark 3 though
1513 days ago
please no panzers, they're bit of an overdose now, what about thief which you removed in your original kino?
1513 days ago
nice, glad someone is doing this, i loved combine mp
1520 days ago
Ascension is not ascension without PHD
1520 days ago
has anyone donwe combine zombies yet seeing as there is giant mp
1524 days ago
is he leaving/taking a break from modding too?
1524 days ago
Nice, but i kinda wanted to see this move to BO3
1527 days ago


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