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Check here:
(Image removed from quote.)
Before I do that does this mean anything? I launched the map in dev 2 mode and this error came up like 5 times
1171 days ago
The only .bak i got is from the last time i was on radiant and it dont show no previous versions :(
1172 days ago
I have been working on a map and all of a sudden after a compile light and link when i launch my map it closes the game when it loads it (I have launched the map so many times i can tell from the fps counter when its loaded)

All i have done is created a small area extended my map volumes and change the shadowSplitDistance from 2000 to 1000 and also added models into ase but they are not in use and shouldnt be messing anything up. I tried changing the shadowSplitDistance back but no luck. There is also no meaningfull errors that come up when compiling light and linking.

Any help would be appreciated
1173 days ago
I was thinking about making the first 1:1 remake of this map but I wonder how people would respond to another nacht even if its 1:1
1263 days ago
This is like saying black ops 2 needs a remaster... wheres the classics like Dead Sand Elite or nazi_zombie_Subway (I loved this map)
1455 days ago
I'm a experienced gun porter/modeller and I know how to rig. I've been doing this for at least 3 years maybe 4 years just because i enjoy it. But I've encountered an error which is annoying me,I've tried fixing the normals and it still failed. I've exported my model as OBJ and then rerigged it and it still happens. Here's a screenshot-

If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.
And here is my Maya if anyone is interested and if you've played Destiny yes that is the Khvostov

1543 days ago
This might be my time to finally make a map
(warning map will contain very high vert count)
2172 days ago
2180 days ago
Nice job on the map guys :D
2215 days ago
Create a soundalias and create a entry named perks_power_on and then complete the rest of the alias and include it in mod.csv
name,file,platform,sequence,vol_min,vol_max,dist_min,dist_max,limit_count,limit_type,entity_limit_count,entity_limit_type,bus,volume_min_falloff_curve,volumefalloffcurve,reverb_send,dist_reverb_max,reverb_min_falloff_curve,reverb_falloff_curve,pitch_min,pitch_max,randomize_type,spatialized,type,probability,loop,masterslave,loadspec,subtitle,compression,secondaryaliasname,chainaliasname,startdelay,speakermap,lfe percentage,center percentage,envelop_min,envelop_max,envelop percentage,occlusion_level,occlusion_wet_dry,real_delay,distance_lpf,move_type,move_time,min_priority,max_priority,min_priority_threshold,max_priority_threshold,,isbig

#Power On

2219 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)
Rambo send the file through Skype and ill see the error though 8.5
2219 days ago
Find the poly that the error is showing and if its a poly that you wont see in-game, delete it. If its a poly that you will see in-game go to create UV then automatic mapping and then go to UV editor and downscale it and place it in a suitable place.
Also combining meshes can cause them sort of errors
2219 days ago
Nah i just didn't want to make you cry
2236 days ago


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