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Really enjoyed the map, enough so to do a semi speedrun of the easter egg on wave 10. Probably gonna try to improve this, but this was a first attempt. Easter Egg was fun even though I was completely lost at the "put the gas in the bathtub" step on my first run of it.

Youtube videos belong in the youtube section,44.0.html -Dust
1780 days ago
of course, whenever I play a new and interesting map, I get stuff like this happening to me
1931 days ago
Ones I haven't seen often or at all are
PKP Pecheneg
M93 Raffica
1990 days ago
So I got bored, and decided to do a challenge on Requiem using the custom gun playlist option in Gun Game. I enabled every weapon list and went in with timed gameplay, no gamespeed modifiers, and no degredation (Even though I think it makes no difference for solo).

My challenge to you guys is if you can beat my time. I completed it in 36 minutes and 30 seconds, respond with your times if you are up to the challenge.
Click here for the link to the video of my run, apologies for the video quality, forgot to change to my recording settings off my streaming settings.

There is one tip I will give, and it is gun skipping. Whenever a zombie with gun advancement hands spawns, save it until you have roughly 300 points until your next gun, then kill it, advance a gun via points, then immediately pick up the powerup to essentially skip a gun. I did it a few times in my run and it saved me some major time.
2009 days ago
its a spam prevention measure , you are unable to send PMs until you have a 20 post count, however you can only make 5 posts per day also during this time

soon, the full functionality will be unlocked, dont worry ;)
Didn't know that was a thing, thought it was my tablet, pretty good system though.
2014 days ago
Thanks for the feedback and as to the G-Spawn, would you mind being elaborate about the circumstances under which you acquired the error and send me a PM?
The site isn't letting me send PMs at the moment, so I'll just respond here.
I was on wave 51 and just ran out of ammo for all 3 of my guns, so I started going up to hit the box. There was a large group of zombies glitched on the staircase from the 2nd to 3rd floor so I turned around and bought a PDW in hopes I could push through the zombies that followed me up, but they downed me. I had quick revive, so I was in second chance trying to slip by the zombies and get to the ground floor, but when the revive bar filled up, I got the G-spawn.
2014 days ago
Beat the map once and enjoyed it, so i played again and went for high rounds and G-spawned on wave 51, but i would totally do it again
2015 days ago
The what? Explain?  ???
I have a recording of it on my twitch page. I'm not sure if it is an issue with Mule Kick or the upgraded MP7, but you can get every gun out of the box.
I start showing it roughly 32 minutes in this past broadcast.
2024 days ago
I haven't got a chance to check all the replies, but has anyone mentioned the unlimited guns glitch?
2024 days ago
if all possible, could you add the ability to activate the console command "r_fullbright" to the ugx pause menu, on maps with console enabled, if you use this command, it will remove lighting, boost fps insanely high on low end PCs.
An example is when i play the map Verrukt, for example, i usually get around 25 to 40 fps, but with r_fullbright 1, i get 80-90 the entire time. Just something for lower end PCs
3072 days ago
alright, i did have a pretty big train behind me when it happened
3080 days ago
I was playing the new map update to Comosea, in arcade mode, and when i shot a zombie with the M40A3 upgraded, i got this error
No "AI vs AI" accuracy graph for weapon "semtex"
If anyone could help, I would be extremely grateful
3080 days ago


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