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So I got bored, and decided to do a challenge on Requiem using the custom gun playlist option in Gun Game. I enabled every weapon list and went in with timed gameplay, no gamespeed modifiers, and no degredation (Even though I think it makes no difference for solo).

My challenge to you guys is if you can beat my time. I completed it in 36 minutes and 30 seconds, respond with your times if you are up to the challenge.
Click here for the link to the video of my run, apologies for the video quality, forgot to change to my recording settings off my streaming settings.

There is one tip I will give, and it is gun skipping. Whenever a zombie with gun advancement hands spawns, save it until you have roughly 300 points until your next gun, then kill it, advance a gun via points, then immediately pick up the powerup to essentially skip a gun. I did it a few times in my run and it saved me some major time.
1866 days ago
I was playing the new map update to Comosea, in arcade mode, and when i shot a zombie with the M40A3 upgraded, i got this error
No "AI vs AI" accuracy graph for weapon "semtex"
If anyone could help, I would be extremely grateful
2937 days ago


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