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A map by Ville88? Count me in!
1012 days ago
Well, finally beat the map.
Here are the new steps.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
3. Find a place to put the gaz.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
4. Escape with the plane.

Great maps.
I wish
1. More LMG.
2. More wonder weapons. pap acid gat is op against zombie.

Anyway. great map.
1024 days ago
Tried replaying it today, and cant get to the plane.

Ride the plain on the fake ending, fight the boss and beat it. Then I walk up the stairs and back at PAP room instead of plane.

One thing I remember I did that might trigger this error is that, before going to the plane, you need to shoot the red lamp and use the switch. Instead, I use the switch before shooting the red lamp.

Is this a known bug?
1059 days ago
Amazing map. Although its a bit hard.

Nice job.
1059 days ago
Cannot download. Tried both links.
1095 days ago
the rocket is a bit strange. when i shoot, it just missed my target and does nothing. dont know where it went. is it a known bug?
1149 days ago
How do i turn the power on? Where is the switch?
1150 days ago
Im not sure whats the deal with pap. Once i got into the pap room i cant escape. If i jump into the pit, im dead. What should i do?
1284 days ago
Wow! Just wow. Beautiful map. Lots of attention to detail. Very good framerate. Amazing lighting.

Despite that, I just wish it had some quest or ee. The map is quite large and too easy. Because its easy, there are limited wonder weapons. There are no boss, only dogs. You can practically camp until wave 30 easily. Once you pap, gameplay could be doozy.

Anyway, in terms of visual, I would ranked it among Clinic of Evil, Leviathan, Das Harrenhous.
1295 days ago
Beat the map on the first try. Wish the map could be harder.
1549 days ago
Finally, ive been able to play this map in coop. Heres what i did.

I remove(move to other location) all maps in the mods folder. Play the game as usual.

Maybe it crash because of too many entities being loaded?

Anyway, nice map. had a blast.
1593 days ago
Is this the same map or updated?
1600 days ago
Please make the map brighter. Dark maps only force the user to brighten up their monitor.
1600 days ago
Yes you can play in co-op, look

Ok. Thanks.

I would appreciate it somebody could upload the config files where they can play coop. I tried everything (everything lowest ) but have not been able to play coop. I play this map solo and its a blast. Would love to try coop.
1616 days ago
I am unable to play this map in coop. No matter what settings I chose(lowest). I already have t4m. Solo play is okay.

Did anybody successfully play this map in coop? Looking at the leaderboards, there are no 2 player with round 30 or more.
1616 days ago


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