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The point is, if the map is actively discussed, it means it is actively played/popular. And doesnt get buried. Maps that are not really good, gets buried faster.

The good thing with ugx forum is that you can sort my by date of thread created. So for the people that doesnt gives a shit about old maps, they can use that feature. For people that gives a shit about old but good maps, they can try old maps that are actively discussed.

If I have messages that are absolutely essential, I can PM the devs. Unfortunately, PM is unavailable to me at the moment.

If Im a mapper, I love to hear constructive criticism on my old maps. I love to hear my maps are being actively played even after years of release.

WAW is dying. BO3 has released its map editor. Having good maps sorted at higher thread might helps. Waw newcomers (esp during waw sale), might benefit from this.

Just my 2 cents.
1531 days ago
I would vote for the topics to be remain unlocked. New player might try good old maps and want to provide criticism.

Is it possible to lift the rules?

1532 days ago
I want to provide map author some comments/critism/bug reports etc. Unfortunately, the topic are locked. Why is it locked? I dont think map released topic should be locked to prevent necro. because, those map topic are the only practical way to communicate to the author and map players.

Anyway, great site. Long live WAW.
1532 days ago
If you reside in south east asia and would like to play, put your steam name here.

Add me to play.
1532 days ago
So I've been trying to play this map but the frames drop very low and it lags very badly. I don't know what is causing the lag but I know it is the map, because it is the only map the constantly lags, or ever lags for that matter. If anybody knows of a fix that would be great.

One of the bugs I encounter in this map is sometimes it lags very badly. It happens sometimes and when it does, nothing I do can make it stop. I just restart the map and move on.
1532 days ago
I have t4m and it crashed. I can play other custom maps and other games.
1554 days ago
map crash on load. couldnt load image scoped overlay.
1562 days ago
map crash on loading.
1562 days ago
EPIC! Wishes the map could be brighter. Im having eyestrain trying to see the zombies.

Double Post Merge: October 07, 2016, 02:18:39 am

After turning the power on, make the map brighter.
1562 days ago
Awesome map!
1640 days ago
Launch it from library or from a desktop shortcut, not from taskbar.

I launch my game from UGX Map Manager. Is there anything I can do for me to run from UGX Map Manager and have my playtime logged?

1640 days ago
When i play with this mod, my playtime is not logged(in steam). How do i enabled steam support?
1644 days ago
Amazing map. Details are epic.

However, could the maps be made brighter? Its too dark.
1648 days ago
any other map as beautiful as this?
1661 days ago
extremely good map. completed the easter egg last night.

1 suggestion, buyable turret is extremely powerful(full upgrade) and makes playing irrelevent. just stand behind the turret. maybe a time limit for turret or reduce turret health. turret can be fun as a occasional reward.

1662 days ago


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