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Why is this map is not in UGX map manager? This is an amazing map!
1557 days ago
I really love this map. The guns, detail, and atmosphere are incredible. The only problem I have is that I cannot change the field of view. This makes the map very hard to play for me.

you can use devmap 'mapname'. if that doesnt work (wont work in coop zombie), you could try fov fix found at steam guides.
2117 days ago
Thanks for a great app!

I have few suggestions.
1. Some maps are not 'Clean' (as stated in how to get your maps in UGX map manager guide). Eg. ballbags maps.
2. Would be nice if user can rate maps. At least based on 2 criteria. Presentation(polished, lots of details, attention to details etc) and Gameplay(lots of unique features, fun, not too hard, easter eggs etc)
3. Delete or Zip maps. Some maps are just plain ugly. I would like to delete but might want the map in the future.It would be nice if i could zip the maps to save space and prevent from appearing in waw and to keep mods below 150.
2155 days ago


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