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Hey guys,

Recently I tried re-installing WaW on my laptop. A few years ago I bought the legit CD version since I still had a CD Drive back then.
Unfortunately, there is no drive in my laptop and thus I cannot put the CD in.
I've managed to put all CD files on a USB, so I was able to run the installer and everything was installed succesfully.
But when I try to run the game, it tells me to insert my disc, which is impossible.
I also tried mounting the files, but so far no success.

Someone who has experience with this? Pls don't say I should just buy it on steam,  that's my final option.

810 days ago
Hey everyone,

There is now a dedicated forum board for Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 modding! If you have any topic that we have missed and correlates to Black Ops 1 but is present in any other board, please get in touch with any Site Moderator by using the Report Post button present near the bottom of any post so they can move it correspondingly to the new Black Ops 1 board. Feel free to post your WIP's or Mods that are not already on UGX and require BO1 in there as well.

On behalf of UGX-Mods,

1154 days ago
Hello guys,

Here is a new announcement from UGX-Mods!

What have we been up to?

UGX-Mods team is really, really busy. It is taking a long time to get everything done. But we decided we should do something new and refreshing.
We have been thinking a long time about this. But unfortunately the UGX chat is not frequently used anymore. For more features and popularity, we decided to switch to Discord until our site chat can offer the things discord can as well. UGX Chat will stay available!

You can join the UGX Discord by clicking on this link:

Hopefully we will see you there!
If you have any suggestions/improvements/bugs, feel free to let us know here!

On behalf of the UGX-Mods team,
1277 days ago
Hello beloved members,

It's this time of the year again. Here we'll take a brief look back at all the cool things that happened this past year.
It has been a rollercoaster in our team. Team Members came, Team Members left. A lot of new moderators were accepted to improve the post approval process and the general security of our forum.
 For our developers, it has all been about the design of the UGX Launcher/UGXL Installer, the new theme for our Forum, and even new projects like UGX Play and UGX Chat. All these awesome projects are planned to be delivered to you in 2017!

We want to thank everyone who contributed to this amazing success of UGX. Merry christmas to everyone and their family, and may 2017 bring a lot of joy, luck and gaming eXperience ::)

On behalf of the whole UGX-Team,

Merryxmas height=959

P.S. We still have a surprise for all of you in 2016 <3

1370 days ago
Hi guys,

I installed Maya 2016 (while having Maya 8.5 and 2012 installed as well). I followed the instructions written by Tom-BMX.
Now my problem is, although the top bar menu shows up, Maya is unable to load the Plugin Tom_xAnim_2016_64.mll
Maya gives this error: //Error: line 1: could not find given module. (Tom_xAnim_2016_64)

Has anyone seen this error before or knows how to solve it? I've looked everywhere on the internet but couldn't find a solution anywhere.

1414 days ago
Hi guys,
The past week we have spend gathering all applications and making sure every existing moderator casted his vote.
We want to thank everyone who applied to show that they are willing to further improve UGX!
The members who applied and got a position in our moderator team are listed below.
New moderator application will not be answered and rejected immediatly; we have no open positions anymore!

UGX Site Moderator

UGX Chat Moderator

UGX Site Moderator

UGX Site Moderator

UGX Chat Moderator
- Lukkie1998
1420 days ago
Hi guys,

Since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mod Tools (BETA) and new exciting UGX-Mods releases we have noticed that our
site traffic has gone up a lot. This means that there will be more new members and thus more posts which need checking and of course moderating!

Therefore we are looking for someone who is willing to spend his/her personal time, is loyal, is active and is willing to gain some moderating experience here at UGX-Mods!

Do you feel like we are talking to you? Then continue reading below!

Here is a small description of what your tasks will consist out if we take you in :)

UGX-Mods Chat ModeratorUGX-Mods Site Moderator
  • Upholds the general rules inside our chat room
  • Punish members who do not stick to the rules
  • Keep communicating with the other chat moderators over Skype
  • Uphold the general rules over every UGX related program
  • Make sure no topics derail and take action if otherwise
  • Keep good communication with the other site moderators over Skype
  • Can perfectly work in a team

Are you interested? Awesome!
Please apply through our Customer Service (Jira Service Desk) by creating an account there and raising a "Job application" request.
We will discuss your application with our whole team and respond with our final decision.

Go to our Customer Service!

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below!

On behalf of the whole UGX-Mods team, have a nice day!


1428 days ago
Gosh, this is just unbelievable!!!

We just hit the 300.000 Member milestone!

Almost one and a half year ago, March 29th to be exact, we were celebrating our 100.000 members milestone. It's so good to see how this community expanded over the time passed!
Therefor we would like to thank everyone who helped us to make this possible!

In name of the whole UGX-Team,

1512 days ago
REMINDER: Zero-Tolerance Policy for Harassment
Hey guys,

After all the latest drama which happened on UGX, we are going to remind you of a post we made a while ago:,8947.0.html

Back then we didn't do much about policing the Zero-Tolerance Policy and we tolerated most behavior of our members. Sadly, we have come to the conclusion that this doesn't work and something must be done. The forum just got more and more toxic, which is due to certain members who always want to say their opinions without respecting the other members in the community as well as staff. We encourage people to let them say their thoughts, but if this can't be in a respectful manner then there is nothing else we can do than start issuing bans.

We also want to let you know that all warnings have been cleared. You are all getting a second chance now and we will strictly enforce our Zero-Tolerance Policy. If you receive two warnings from this point on you will get a ban.

Hopefully this is sufficient information for you. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below!

1549 days ago
Hi guys,

Last few months we have been working on an upgrade for our "Modding Wiki". After a lot of converting/updating we are proud to present to you the new wiki:

The wiki now has a cleaner lay-out, a search function to find your tutorial faster AND will be maintained better! This will ensure that UGX has the latest tutorials with the best explanation possible.

Don't forget to take a look at our other projects we are currently working on ;) (UGX Launcher and the new website (Both are only visible for donators, make sure to donate if you'd like to support our projects! <3)

On behalf of the UGX-Mods Team,

1663 days ago
Hi guys,

Since about a week my launcher is acting very strange. It looks like it slowed down 10 times. This is how it looks when compiling a map: ** Reageert niet = Not responding **

As you can see, it doesn't stop the compile, but it's just 10x slower as normal. I already deinstalled all C++ redistributions and .NET Framework packages, but nothing seemes to help.

Reinstalled my Bin Folder (Didn't work)
Ran 3 VirusScans (Nothing flagged except some of Toms Programs)
Reinstalled all Packages described above (didn't work)
Running Launcher as Admin + Compatibility mode "Windows 7" (Didn't work, currently running Windows 8.1)

Does anyone have an idea other than deleting my System32?

2034 days ago
Hi guys,

If you have Osu!, and you really want to play it with someone else??? Can't you reject the urge to play this awesome japanese music game with somebody else? Make sure to reply in this thread if you want to play with me and/or Alerion and/or IHammy/ (The king of Osu! (On UGX)), or join the UGX Teamspeak3 server!

If you want more information about this game, don't hesitate to go to:
Wikipedia (Main Site)

2084 days ago
Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a new monitor for my PC. I'm looking in a price range from 0 to 300 euros. Anyone has any recommendations?

2105 days ago
Hi Guys,

Here are two different pictures of our map, with different visionfiles. Which one looks better? Post your Opinion in the poll above!

Visionfile 1:

Visionfile 2:

2107 days ago
Hi guys,

I was converting .tanims today, when i noticed something strange happening to the animations. I converted the .tanims as shown in elfenliedtopfan5's tutorial. When i convert the animation in AssMan, no errors pop up. But the .XANIMEXPORT has 87 joints, the one converted in AssMan only has 85? Tag_camera and Tag_cambone are missing in the converted one.

The .Tanims are converted in Maya 2012 and exported by Aidan's tools.

Why does AssMan remove these 2 joints?

2111 days ago


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