MP Rundehaus - Roundhouse inspired

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Created 896 days ago
by jswanson3d
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Since I deleted my sub base map on accident I wanted to start something new. It's nice to get a fresh start anyway now that I know more about the tools. I will say that starting back up has reignited my hatred for the editor navigation, especially coming from UE4....I'll learn but I won't like it!

This map will be a re imagining of Roundhouse from Cod:Waw, which imo had some of the best maps in the series. The maps allowed for diverse gameplay and weren't nearly as closed in and claustrophobic as the new cod maps. Sniping was much more about sharpshooting as opposed to quickscoping, but both were possible. SMGs and assault rushers could still flank around the edges effectively. I was very disappointed in the map design of WWII, and since they don't have mod tools, here I am.

Regarding layout, I want to emphasize the breathing room Cod Waw gave you on most of their maps, even the smaller ones, which gave snipers an actual opportunity to snipe while still allowing SMG and shotgun gameplay through flank routes usually going around the perimeter of the map- think Seelow, Roundhouse, Airfield, Outskirts, etc. Outskirts was actually remade for BO3, but even that doesn't represent the vastness that I enjoyed so much in the earlier cods. As time goes on it seems they can't stop shrinking every corridor and building. On top of that BO3 has a very fast movement system, allowing you to traverse much more quickly than before. Unfortunately, instead of compensating for that by increasing maps size, the opposite happened and you get maps like in Advanced Warfare where you're able to run to the other end of the map in ~10-15 seconds.

As for the artistic direction of the map, again I'll reference earlier cods since I'm an old man child who can't let go of the past. Cod 4, Waw, MW2, BO1 all had realistic but colorful color palettes, with maybe the exception of Waw being more desaturated and dreary compared to the others. I dislike how oversaturated the maps have become, but I understand that a lot of people disliked how depressing Waw maps looked. I'll look for a middleground, using saturation in areas that make sense, but otherwise sticking to Cod Waw's color palette. I always thought MW2 had the best of both worlds in this regard, both realistic and colorful at the same time. Battlefield 1 also does a good job of this.

I'll be updating my progress here and will upload the map once initial  blockin is complete, or if people are interested in testing it. I'd love to hear ideas regarding the layout and art direction!

Here we go!!



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