BO1 Zombies : Rayne Of The Dead Mod(Moon No Mans Land Rounds)WIP

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Created 269 days ago
by TheGhostZone
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Hello all, I mod black ops 1. My current mod I am working on is called Call Of The Dead Upgraded.
It features some cool stuff like a depleted health George. Pack a Punch guns in the mystery box. The perks are easily obtainable as of now. Their will be three versions of this mod released when I release it.
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This is the updated Rayne Of The Dead Mod featuring No Mans Land rounds after the dog round. I also created some custom bosses also besides George, he spawns in every two rounds like normal but sense the round counter is like No Mans Land he keeps spawning no matter what.

I might put Pack A Punched guns back in the mystery box sense the game is way harder now. The only weapon that can kill the zombies after round 70 is the wunder waffe. The scavenger doesn't deal any damage after those rounds.

I also added the same system used on Zombie Library with the destroyed earth. I am going to add the custom destroyed sky box and the red mist that displays after the earth is destroyed.

I am still trying to figure out how to change zombie models and add custom boss zombies.

So enjoy the video and  I don't have any release date for this mod as of yet still working on it daily.




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