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I just had some questions about adding custom bosses in Black Ops 1. If anyone had any knowledge on this thanks.
483 days ago

This is the updated Rayne Of The Dead Mod featuring No Mans Land rounds after the dog round. I also created some custom bosses also besides George, he spawns in every two rounds like normal but sense the round counter is lik...
508 days ago
I have some questions about how to change the zombie models and the eye color. I see someone added the Mob Of The Dead zombies to Black Ops 1. I wanted to see if I could add the female zombies from Shangri La to Call Of The Dead. I tried switching the models around with no workin...
633 days ago
This map is such an amazing map, I just wish P.H.D and wunder fizz were introduced. I got to round 40 solo until Brutus but fucked the hell out of me R.I.P.  :alone:
811 days ago
Their are plenty of good maps for World At War that you can try out. I will put a nice and compact list to see threw.

1.Zombie Desert - This map is fairly awesome, although the fuckin'  >:( spam runners are annoying and ruin the continuation of the map. [url=https://www.ugx-m...
811 days ago
I tried this mod with Call Of The Dead and Kino Der Toten. Its pretty good all in all but P.H.D doesn't have its original sfx is the only thing. Other than that the mod is awesome.
811 days ago


Hello all, I mod black ops 1. My current mod I am working on is called Call Of The Dead Upgraded.
It features some cool stuff like a depleted health George. Pack a Punch guns in the mystery box. The perks are easily obtainable as of now. Their will be three versions of this mod released when I release it.


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