How do I change zombie models and eye color?

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by TheGhostZone
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Hello all, I mod black ops 1. My current mod I am working on is called Call Of The Dead Upgraded.
It features some cool stuff like a depleted health George. Pack a Punch guns in the mystery box. The perks are easily obtainable as of now. Their will be three versions of this mod released when I release it.
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I have some questions about how to change the zombie models and the eye color. I see someone added the Mob Of The Dead zombies to Black Ops 1. I wanted to see if I could add the female zombies from Shangri La to Call Of The Dead. I tried switching the models around with no working effect. I wanted to change the scuba  and soldier zombies to the female type. I wanted to see if I could add the zombies from Tranzit also. Thanks for the help if you could help. 

With the eye color I see in the misc folder the eyes can be changed but I don't know the exact code to make the eyes change to different textures. I don't want to end up messing up anything without complete knowledge. 

Also how do I add the zombie waste land to another map? I wanted to make Groom Lake have a blizzard effect like COTD and add in a teleporter to the map also. I see in the scripts it spawns in from the beginning but I just want to know how to make you teleport from NML to COTD and back.

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