Working Glowing/tritium! (proper way)

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Created 356 days ago
by V3XTexan
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hello there everyone i have originally shared this tutorial via linkermod discord and i thought i may show the tutorial here

anyways lets get started

see this glow? see the tritium? ay lets get started

1. select SW4 model material type, glass as surface type
2. select sw4 material type sw4_3d_unlit_flicker_alpha
3. use reflection amount 0.05, flicker_max and flicker_min as 1.30 (remember, this is not forced so you can adjust it to what you like)
4. use hero light
5. insert a dds from t7 tritium that was from a ripped weapon, color it in photoshop, gimp, or similar and save
6. compile!
7. insert iwi to your mod
8. that's it, you're done

thats all it, folks! have fun utilizing your own glow that is fully functional :D

credit me if you're gonna release any ports with this ya know, i deserve credit too

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