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This is in the starting room. No doors are open. When I open doors this still happens. please help
1301 days ago
The zombies continuously run into the wall and will only target the player when extremely close.

That's exactly what's happening to me someone please help!!
1301 days ago
Please someone help i'v tried everything but nothing works ;( my map will be abandoned forever if this isn't fixed, and idk what els to try. ;( RIP );
1305 days ago
same here! After the update the zombies have been doing that for me... someone help please.
1308 days ago
I had the same problem i just had to delete the model and find a new one then it worked.
1319 days ago
Can you go into more detail on how you fixed this? I tried to do what you said but it didn't work for me. Did you add 2 zones in the same place but with different names?
1320 days ago


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