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I had the mapname zone file script off...thanks you this, you're a life saver! Love your map by the way :)
Thanks man just trying to help  :D
1344 days ago
1. create a folder called in your mapname folder called gamedata, inside of that folder create another one called weapons, then inside of weapons create a folder called zm and inside of zm copy and paste the zm_levelweapons_common
so it should look something like zm_yourmapname/gamedata/weapons...
1344 days ago
So I recently tried to run my map today to be greeted by the error seen in the image (still don't understand how zombies mode would have a tdm file) but it is preventing me from running my map and what's even more interesting is that I get the same error with other maps even freshly made o...
1352 days ago
Pretty Intense and Fun map to play, can't believe we actually beat it in 18 rounds  :alone:

! No longer available
1747 days ago
I was able to beat this with a friend at round 18, key is to get the pack a punched spas 12  ::) other then that really fun and intense map to play :D
1755 days ago
the place to put it down / built at is invis until one part has been placed (just to make it slightly harder) xD and you can only have one part until the part you have has been built (or dropped upon death)
1755 days ago


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